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The Cynic

The Cynic remains anonymous in order to protect his agenda of world 

The Cynic's views should only be considered once you have received clearance 
from a licensed psychologist and are not currently taking Prozac, Propecia, 
or Mother Francis' Wheat Grass Substitute. 

Any correspondence sent to The Cynic leaves you open to ridicule, 
embarrassment and humiliation at The Cynic's expense.

Suburban Ghettoes 7/8/2020

It's Easy Being Green 6/28/2001

Shut Up Already 6/14/2001

Outing the Outed 6/6/2020

Give Loony Columnists a Night in Jail 5/25/2001

Blasted Drudge! 5/10/2020

The United Nations is United, but for what? 5/8/2020

Homogenized Television for the Brain Dead 5/3/2021 

That Fleeting Feeling of Justice 4/27/2001

New Cancer Drug May Treat More Than Cancer 4/9/2020

Hey Kids, Your Lives Stink 3/30/2001

The Bush Budget Speech; Ka-ching! 2/27/2001

In Defense of "Survivor" 2/23/2001

We Need New Gun Laws 2/19/2001

Smoking may be good for children 2/14/2001

Cynic has a fix for the $40 billion mistake
The Cynic just can't win

The Cynic writes his first column on President Clinton

No excuses for some pardons

The Cynic reminds us that with the Feds, the buck stops nowhere

The Cynic on the reparations movement
Hollywood needs our help!
A Christmas Present for Jesse Jackson
It's morning in America for the Cynic
The Cynic relies on the Supreme Court to Stop the Madness

The Cynic knows who runs this country.  It's the stupid, stupid

Who Runs this Country?
It's the stupid, Stupid! 12/7/2020
Still Counting...  11/28/2000
Perpetual Elections, chads and  random complaints
The Great Divide

Florida; Best Case Scenario?
Al Gore; Commander in Thief 
The Mickey Mouse state decides a Mickey Mouse election
The Cynic thinks Bill Kristol drinks bong water (that doesn't have anything to do with the column, but he still thinks it)
The Cynic supposes Gore is writing that concession speech
The Cynic cuts through the electoral college BS
Giving Back the Surplus

The Cynic endorses
Confessions of a political junkie

The Real Prescription Drug Problem

Welcome to Loserville, Mr. Gore 10/17/2000
Weekend with Bernie
The Tax Bandits
California Dreaming & the Electoral College; Why Bush May End Up Winning California 10/12/2020
The Cynic explains Lies, Damn Lies and Al Gores Lies 10/10/2020
Memo to the Libertarian Party: Maybe it is time to "Just Say No"

Deconstructs the debate.  Guess who came off as a jerk. 10/3/2021
8 Reasons Why Republicans are Idiots
To Be PC, Or not PC 9/21/2000
Why I am a Libertarian

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