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Before you Vote Today...
Some final thoughts

The Cynic


Some random items to think about before you cast your vote today:

No matter who you vote for, you will bear the bulk of the responsibility for what happens to you. If your child does not get educated, it's your fault. If you oversleep 3 out of the 5 days each week and show up late to work, it is not the government's fault you lost your job. None of the candidates have a magic wand which will make life better for you. Only you have the power to improve your lot in life. 

This is not the most important election in over '40 years.' We are not in a war. There is not an economic crises. Some of you take this stuff way too seriously.

If you believe that your candidate is going to banish a behavior or activity that you deem awful or just simply annoying, ask yourself if someone out there feels the same way about any of your behaviors or activities. Everything runs a risk of becoming unpopular, and using your ballot to alter people's behavior allows them to do the same to you.

Punching out smiley face patterns on your card voids your ballot. If you want a suggestion, I recommend you try the constellation Orion.

Do not vote straight ticket. Even if you are going to vote for only one party, punch each name individually. These people have spent a lot of time and money to get your attention, the least you could do is look at their names.

If you come to a race that you don't recognize either of the candidates and really don't care who wins, write in The Cynic. Who knows, I may be your next city dogcatcher. Pass this on to all your voting friends and I will rid your fine city of all rabid dogs.

The government is not your friend, boss or mother. You give them the power to do certain things. You are the authority. You call the shots. If you are a partisan voter and you allow the representative of your party to receive an additional power, stop and think how this authority will be used when the other party has control of it. 

If going to vote seems like a chore to you, don't vote. I don't want a lazy moron like you deciding this countries' direction. People stand in 5 hour lines in other countries to vote, they don't consider it a chore, they think it's a privilege. 

Your government now owns more land than the rest of the country combined. Do you approve of this?

If your ballot asks you if you want to retain judges in your district, vote 'No' to each and every one of them. Think about every paroled criminal who has returned to the street and committed more crimes as you do this.(Now that's justice) 

Don't worry about your vote. The world will be here tomorrow and little will have changed. You will still have to work and you will continue to get ripped off on your taxes. You'll wish that your kid's school was better and that the economy will keep going strong. You'll still want world peace and for television to produce more family oriented shows. If the guy who you voted for wins and screws things up, you can do what I do...blame the media.

The Cynic, 2000

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