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Florida; Best Case Scenario?
The Cynic


Imagine if you will, that Florida would have been officially declared to George Bush a week ago. Imagine not knowing the terms chad or butterfly ballot, and the Electoral College decided George Bush the winner. What would the media be doing right now?

They would be declaring the Electoral College an antiquated system which unfairly nullifies the voters will, that's what.

If there ever was a story which would allow the media to do a half-assed job, this would have been it. Rhetoric would have carried more weight than substance. Sam and Cokie would pummel guests with questions such as, "It is fair to undermine the will of the people because of a 200 year old piece of paper?"

We would be over run with various "experts" telling us that the Electoral College was designed because our Founding Fathers thought we were to dumb to decide such a thing as electing a leader. Barney Frank would be on every talking head program stating, "The Ewectorow Cowage undewminds ouw Democwacy." Jesse Jackson would be telling us that it was designed to oppress African-Americans. Hillary Clinton would call for an end to it ... Oh wait she is already doing that.

With Florida being such a mess, the media has done a surprisingly good job at explaining the necessity of the Electoral College. The media has been focused on process and not public opinion, and it is refreshing to see them actually do their job. I figure they owe us this much after election night.

What is happening in Florida may be the best we could hope for, as it will leave us with one of two outcomes:

1. George W. Bush will win the total count and become President. His capacity will be diminished to a certain degree, however the argument that Al Gore won the popular vote will not carry as much weight. The people have actually been informed of how the process works, and why it is a good system, so there will be little resonation of any illegitimate Presidency claims.

2. Al Gore wins by selective hand counts in his districts. In order for this to happen, this Florida ordeal will have to go beyond the Friday deadline. Public opinion has been turning on him with each additional day, and many will feel that he weaseled his way to the Office. The "Commander in Thief" label will stick with him, and claims of an illegitimate Presidency may have an effect on his Job approval ratings.

Regardless, I'll be glad when this is all over. I think most Americans feel the same way. This will allow Barney Frank to go back to "Wooking for wabbit," and Jesse Jackson can return to his lifelong work of finding racism under every stone and Hillary, well Hillary will just continue being Hillary.

I would like to extend my thanks to the people of Florida. You have given Americans the opportunity to relearn part of our Constitution. Now if only you can figure out a way that America could relearn the rest of it.

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© The Cynic, 2000


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