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The First 30 Minutes far different from last 30 minutes
But at least it wasn't Gephardt and Daschle

By Bret Hrbek



Education.  Education.  Education.  Will someone please tell W that he is not the Governor of the United States?

I'm a fan of the President.  I think he is a good man, with a good heart.  I think he knows where he wants to go and how it wants to get there.  And I hate to criticize the man.

But I'll wait for the next train thank you very much if he thinks education is the car that will take us to freedom.

If President Bush had skipped the first 30 minutes of his speech and not used Keynesian economics to justify his tax cut, it would have been great. We would have tax relief for everyone.  We would have ended the immoral death tax.  We would pay down our national debt.  We would have a national defense shield.  Our fighting men and women would have bigger paychecks.  We would be able to keep some of our payroll tax for our own retirement security.  The roses would have smelled sweeter and the sun would have shone brighter.

But he didn't.  Is George W. Bush a Gemini because the twins were in the House Chamber tonight?

He catered to almost every Democratic priority.  Education.  Social Security and Medicare protection.  A prescription drug benefit.  Protection of the environment by government edict.  Which party does he belong?

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And then he argued that the U.S. needs a tax cut to spur the economy.  No. The American taxpayer deserves a tax cut because it is the right thing to do.  It is immoral to take something that does not belong to you and give it to someone else.  I don't give a rat's ass if a $1.6 trillion tax-cut will
help grow the economy.  That's not the business of government.  I care that a $1.6 trillion tax-cut is the right thing to do morally.

Bush is going to learn quickly that the Democrats will turn and bite the hand that reaches out in friendship.  He hasn't learned that Democrats in Washington are socialists and Democrats in Texas are really Republicans.

We already saw them turn on him when Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle gave the Democratic response.  They pooh-poohed almost all his ideas.  Their liberalism made Bush look like Barry Goldwater.

He will soon learn that Republicans can't out Democrat Democrats.  Democrats just move further to the Left.  They twist the facts, mislead and demagogue until they can impose their tyranny onto the people.

For example, Gephardt and Daschle failed to mention the fact that it was the Democratic-controlled Congress that spent the U.S. into a deficit.  They inferred that it was only during Republican administrations that the U.S. ran deficits.  They rewrote history by implying that the 1980s were a time of economic turmoil.  They blamed Reagan for the debt and failed to mention their spending spree that wasn't slowed until the Republican Congress in 1997 finally got President Clinton to agree to a balanced budget.

I hope that the first 30 minutes of Bush's speech was just garnish.  It's there to make the main course look pretty but shouldn't be consumed. Because if history is any guide, Bush will get the first half of his agenda and the second half will arrive to Congress DOA.

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