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Panicked Dems Take Aim at Schwarzenegger in Divorce Shocker
Governor Mum as Aide Gets Personal

By Brent Barksdale


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Garry South, the senior political advisor to California Governor Gray Davis, is circulating a National Enquirer story about alleged marriage infidelities by Arnold Schwarzenegger.   

Schwarzenegger, who has been mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for governor against Davis in 2002, has not discussed the allegations or the Democratic tactics.  

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South also commented on reports that President George W. Bush has be urged to help recruit the former Mr. Universe into the race.  "Really??!!," said South, "Inquiring minds want to know how AH-nuhld's reported antics comport with the president's campaign pledge to 'restore honor and dignity' to government."  

During the presidential race, Bush said he would bring honor and dignity back to the White House, a thinly veiled swipe at former President Clinton's ethics and legal troubles.  

The Governor's office referred all questions about the story to South, who was Davis' chief strategist for his race for governor in 1998.  South could not be reached for comment for this story.

Republican's, for their part, were not so tight-lipped.  

Jeff Flint, a consultant with GOP firm Russo, Marsh and Rogers, said, "It's interesting that the Democrats are now doing the same thing that they accused the Republicans of doing against Bill Clinton. So I guess it's ok to dig into someone's personal life if they are a Republican if they are even thinking of running against them."  

Charlie Davis, a veteran Republican activist, commented, "This is nothing more than the politics of personal destruction. The Democrats do it well. I guess we shouldn't be surprised anymore."

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