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Air-strikes necessary to head off sinister Hussein plot

By Jeff Brewer


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            While the international community condemns recent bi-lateral American/British air strikes against Iraq as inhumane and unwarranted, I contend the President should be applauded for his decision.  Regardless of what those over-taxed socialists of the Old World claim, Bushís determination to attack a handful of military facilities in the south of Iraq was not only the right thing to do (under the guise of protecting U.K.-U.S. fighters from trigger-happy radar installations), but also the only alternative to counter a quickly modernizing Iraqi military machine.  For if the United States had continued to allow Saddam Hussein to develop, unchecked, his communication capabilities (among other elements), his means to conducted a legitimate offensive against Israel, Western Europe or even the United States would have been greatly enhanced.

            Weíre not talking about antiquated analog receivers and senders here, folks.  The devilish dictator was busy laying fiber-optic cables throughout Iraq with the express goal of integrating his command and control systems.  Hussein certainly wasnít hiring Chinese workers to lay the groundwork for a massive Internet infrastructure!  No, the Iraqis are intent on linking the whole of their military machine to be able to undertake a multi-pronged jihad-a southern or western thrust into the heart of Kuwait or Saudi Arabia and a Syrian-facilitated pan-Arab attack on Israel.  Fiber optics goes a long way in facilitating these desires.  So, call my contention misplaced, but I ask anyone to tell me why Saddam Hussein needs fiber-optic cables submerged in a country that lacks any sufficient economic infrastructure to warrant their installment?  Remember, these backwards peoples are primitive Bedouins that harbor deep-seated suspicion of all western-originated economic models! 

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          We knew these sorts of developments were in the works.  Prior to the Gulf War, the Iraqis were vigorously pursuing the prized nuclear gem along with delivery systems (ICBMís) that could pack enough pay load to level, say, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.  After American victory in Desert Storm, a U.S. mandated UN special commission saw to the destruction of medium range-ballistic missile sites and chemical weapon research facilities.  Many so-called experts assured the rest of us that the regionís roughish rouge was powerless, his development capabilities set back decades.

Update:  Either they lied to us or Iraq is home to some brilliant technological and scientific wizards.  Or perhaps the dictator secretly (or openly) recruited the likes of Russia and China to replace Iraqi weapons systems with communismís finest.  Regardless, it appears that Saddam Hussein now has a fearsome assemblage of weaponry and technological gadgetry at his disposal.  Consider the facts:  Besides the archaic SCUD missile, Iraq now has three ballistic missile types.  The Al Hussein, a short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) with a range of 400 miles, is able to strike Israel or any one of the more moderate Arab nations that surround Iraq.  Additionally, Tammuz-1, an MRBM with a range of 1200+ miles, can reach Europe with ease.  Husseinís Al Abid missile can travel 1550+ miles.  The CIA surmises that Hussein will have in his clutches in another decade a missile that has the ability to hit the continental United States

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