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It would appear that someone isn't quite happy with Mario Giardiello's defense of the Reverend Jesse Jackson:

I listened with interest to your across-the-board defense of Jesse Jackson
and I was amazed that Mr. Jackson's tendrils have reached even into your
pocket.  The hypocracy (sic) Jackson's antics have underscored make him respectable only to the least educated among our society, mainly lifetime
non-contributors who want to forcibly extort money from successful whites. 
Unfortunately people who believe as you obviously do are teaching a new
generation of useless black rabble that there's still no need to get an
education and live honestly...with an example like Jesse and shills like you
to back him up, why would the average Negro youth ever decide to live an
honest life? 

Why don't you take Mr. Jackson's penis out of your mouth long enough to look
at what it's attached to?

S. Sandstrom
Dayton, Ohio

A defense of Bernie Sanders in response to the Cynic's weekend with Bernie...

First off, let me mention I know my name is misspelled before you accuse me 
of a lack of spelling knowledge. Secondly, what kind of a boring numbnuts, 
spends the whole weekend watching CSPAN?

The Cynic certainly seems to have an appropriate name. As cheesy as it is, 
I've always liked Bobby McFarrin's motto, "Don't worry, be happy". As our 
Cynic seems to see it, everyone who doesn't follow his/her thinking is wrong 
and mostly brain-dead. Yet on the other hand, The Cynic wants less Gov't 
intervention, as he states about Rep. Bernie Sanders, "he wants your 
government to have a hand in everything... this is really a shame." This idea 
to me goes along with freedom of speech, which goes hand in hand with free 
thinking. Who is this Cynic to say that Bernie Sanders is offering less than 
what he claims to be: an alternative to the stagnating Democrats and 

As for his ideas about Social Security, he believes that if we collect 
Social Security Withholdings from "the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet" 
that down the road we won't have the funds to return them their dues. So, 
Cynic, you think there won't be any more rich people after the folks we have 
now retire. We are a CAPITALIST society, where making money is the goal. As 
you've seen throughout history, people make more money as time goes on. So, 
yes, of course, we'll have funds to reimburse the wealthy of today. If I 
were you, Cynic, I'd think about who the pointy head really is.

Hugs and Kisses, EXORSYST

The Cynic responds:

Don't worry, be happy...sounds like a brain-dead idea.

Paying attention to the effect of things that happen in your government is the best way to keep them in check. Wandering through life without a worry is a surefire way to get abused by your government.

two things.....

CAPITALISM is the opposite of SOCIALISM which Bernie claims to embrace. If Bernie gets his wishes there will be no Capitalism, and therefore no rich guys.

If Bernie is the alternative to the typical 2 party system, we are in real trouble.


From someone calling himself Dr. Fuji Kamikase (spelling is apparently not his strength), comes a well thought out defense of the soon to be moving White House occupant in response to Brent Barksdale's
Bombs Away.  

"I think I see your problem

Another ignorant, dingbatted fringe lunatic attempting to ignore the last 8
years of Clinton's serious ass-kicking.

Haven't you poor loons learned YET?"

And it would seem that someone simply calling himself "Critic" ain't getting any.  How else would you explain is attitude toward columnist Kirsten Andersen's We are more than the sum of our gross national product?

"Simplistic article with no evidence of original thought. Stylistically boring, and written for the intellectual level of a junior high school student. Good thing she's pretty, but given the choice, I'd rather look like Camille Paglia and be blessed with the ability to write with her brilliance and erudition."

We won't get into the nuances of language with one that admires the likes of Camille Paglia, but can a writer be "blessed" with deep learning as he implies or do you have to work at it?  But then maybe this was his first foray into using a four syllable word so I guess we can excuse it.   You decide:

Camille Paglia

Kirsten Andersen

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