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Illustrations of America’s slide towards destruction

By Jeff Brewer


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Am I the only person that finds the crowning of a rabid lesbian as "Prom King" of her local high school ridiculously ridiculous? And more than this, does the recent announcement by a private Jewish school in New York City’s Upper West Side, declaring a ban on the celebration of Mother’s Day, irk anyone else? I should certainly hope so.

These unrelated stories, separated by thousands of miles of fruited plains and purple mountain majesties, continue the barrage of liberal nihilism against all that is sweet, clean and pure in these great United States of America. Eschatologically, these perversities signal even more the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies in the New Testament that predict the End Times will be days wherein what is good "will be considered evil, and what is evil will be considered good."

Last week’s election of lesbian senior Krystal Bennett to the throne as grand patriarch of the senior class of Ferndale (WA) High School is a wholesale indictment of America’s traditional, Judeo-Christian values. Bennett’s election by her fellow classmates strikes me as highly inverted, strikingly perverse, and incredibly dangerous precedent that lends further, unwarranted credence to the homosexual lifestyle.

This effort by Bennett to further legitimize her lifestyle by effectively inverting a traditional scholastic award to suit her agenda is disconcerting not for the fact that she is now prom king, but because her classmates and her have managed to completely disregard the values and ideals that form the foundation for the awarding of the title "Prom King and Queen." My disappointment does not concern the award in and of itself; no, the award is not the issue here. The fact that sufficient numbers of the young people at the school were willing to lend credence to this lesbian upstart by electing her king is the disturbing issue. Have these kids really been so indoctrinated as to believe that natural distinctions between the sexes that determine females are awarded certain titles and males likewise, mean so little?! To read the remarks of certain students who championed Bennett’s win as "progressive", positive and tolerant is sickening. But what principal David Hutchison said is most revealing: "I think the students that were voting were telling Krystal, ‘We support you.’" Garbage.

The newly bequeathed king’s remarks declare her true aims: "This is one the entire school is gonna have to hear about, everyone is gonna have to address and one that’s gonna directly affect the administration and staff." This statement conveys the homosexual community’s in-your-face agenda; they want to confront mainstream America with their disgusting depravity, and they demand that everyone accept their perversion. To do this, they will continue to hit at values and concepts that underscore these sorts of awards, values that most Americans (save for west/east coast and big city libs) hold dear. You know, that radical notion that says a young man is eligible for prom king and a young lady competes for queen.

And as this victory for Bennett shows, the queer community, unbeknownst to most Americans, has carved inroads into our public schools. They have a grip on curriculum in many school districts across the country; they exert a decidedly disproportionate amount of influence on the panels and administrators that determine which student groups can meet at schools and which organizations can draw on funds from district coffers; and they have the ACLU and others set to enforce or reverse any ruling that doesn’t set their evil agenda. With little to counter them, this perverse lot has convinced many of our children, even those supposedly anchored in Truth, that being homo is a healthy alternative, even morally permissible.

You can be sure that the first transvestite prom king will enjoy the favor of these folks, too. I can’t wait till a purveyor of bestiality claims the crown, and then watch these lefties crawl over one another to defend his/her "right" to hold the title engendered by a gender-based award.

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Children under attack

On the east coast, the news isn’t any better. The homosexual hacks have influenced an uppity private school in the Big Apple to suspend the celebration of Mother’s Day. Apparently, the school administrators don’t want any children of homosexual parents to feel "uncomfortable" watching their classmates create gifts and cards for their moms.

Once again, we see the liberals infringing on the liberty of the majority to help the self-esteem of a depraved few. These homo "parents" that complained about the horrible holiday blight known as Mother’s Day are not concerned one iota about "their" kids. They only care about themselves and their ability to live out their days as accepted, tolerated perverts. If it were for any other reason, these notoriously caring and tolerant homosexuals would let the majority (isn’t that what happens in a democracy?) of students and their parents celebrate a traditional family holiday just like every other normal American community. But strangely enough, these progressives didn’t care enough for the children of healthy heterosexual parents that encompass the vast majority of the school body, to preserve their ability to honor their moms this May 13th.

These un-American leftists have their sights set on Father’s Day 2001, as well. The children of Rodeph Sholom School won’t be able to honor their daddies either. All because a few disgruntled homosexuals want their sodomite behavior to be accepted on par with traditional marital structures.

School officials, though, are spinning the development as something entirely different. Get a load of this quote: "At this time, these holidays are not needed to enhance our writing and arts programs. Second, families in our society are now diverse and varied. We are a school with many different family makeups, and we need to recognize the emotional well being of all the children in our school. Holidays that serve no educational purpose are not vital to the children’s education need to be evaluated in terms of their importance in a school setting…not a positive experience for all children."

So I guess that means that Hanukkah and Passover and Veterans’ Day are all out of the question. In what ways do these traditional holidays "enhance our writing and arts programs?" They don’t seem to. And having observed the politically correct tendencies of reform Jews, Sholom School will probably discard these mentioned holy days in a matter of years…to appease a small, disenchanted minority of perverts.

My fellow Americans, these are the same people that clamor about democracy and the rule of the majority when their man loses a presidential election or when a leftist school board votes to include fisting in a kindergarten curriculum or even when the Maryland legislature votes to give homosexuals the same rights and privileges as married couples. They salute the ideals of democracy in these instances. But when they can’t bring about their deviltry through legislation (which is most of the time), they’ll complain and whine and sue to get what they want. They do not consider if the majority of a certain affected people don’t want the homo agenda forced on their community. In these cases, democracy is thrown out the window. Take the Boy Scouts for instance: A private organization chooses to keep certain people from their membership, and the homosexuals sue to have their kind included in jamborees. Everyone has to bow to their will, regardless of whether or not the majority of people want it.

Until we stand up and crush these efforts by the left to equalize society by infringing upon the liberty of the vast majority, we will continue to witness these types of ridiculous decisions and developments. I don’t want to keep this private school from making stupid decisions like this; indeed, I trust that clear-thinking parents will pull their kids out of the school. Nor do I want to mandate that Krystal Bennett give back her crown; actually I hope and pray that principled Christians will stand up and call this what it is—INVERTED PERVERSION.

Wake up America.

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