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Kirsten Andersen grew up in Southern California.  After a short stint as a college student, she was recruited to join Steve Forbes' National staff in the 2000 primary elections.

These days, she remains in the Virginia suburbs of D.C. as a political refugee from the third world State of California.  She now enjoys a constant flow of electricity, a Republican Governor, and cheap gas for her car.

Some People Should be Seen and Not Heard 4/10/2001

My Hero, Nancy Reagan 3/27/2001

Andy Williams' Case for Marriage 3/16/2001

Shrill Feminists Hurt Their Own Cause 3/5/2001

In  Defense of Motherhood 2/13/2001

Kirsten Andersen thinks feminists suck 2/2/2001

Kirsten Andersen has a job for Bill when he leaves the White House - He can hire Hillary's interns 1/10/2001

Tonight, Al Gore has become a man.  And Kirsten Andersen doesn't like what she sees 12/14/2001

Whining in America, Part 3 of 3; Whining is for Losers-Two Views 12/4/2000

Robb is desperate; Expect Delays 11/3/2000

Calling all virgins 10/27/2000


PART I OF ‘WHINING IN AMERICA’ - Welcome to 1984, 16 Years Late 9/24/2000

Will Real Conservatism Please Stand Up? 9/14/2000

Duck, Duck, Blame 7/19/2000

Chris Rock for Vice President 7/10/2000

GATTACA: Will Life Imitate Art? 6/30/2000

We Are More Than The Sum Of Our Gross National Product 6/18/2000


Join Kirsten's Fan Club

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The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World Is Still the Least Valued
by Ann Crittenden

History of the Wife
by Marilyn Yalom

Killer Woman Blues: Why Americans Can't Think Straight About Gender and Power
by Benjamin Demott

Her Way: Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution
by Paula Kamen



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