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The United Nations is United, but for what?

By the Cynic


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Very rarely do I comment on foreign policy, foreign involvement or foreign activity. This is due to the fact that I only have so much outrage and feel I have to exempt certain activities from my Officially Outraged list. I basically throw my trust to our elected officials to do what they do, and let the more pointy headed pundits dole out the outrage.

I am officially un-exempting the United Nations from list.

Conceptually, I don't like the idea of a UN.  I understand alliances. I understand, to an extent, foreign involvement. However, I cannot understand the want for being part of a multi-governmental institution that ultimately insists on being an authority.

Much like the Federal Government was only supposed to serve as the official arbiter between State conflicts and to form a unified military presence against foreign aggressors, no multi-government institution has been able to abstain from grabbing for more power. The UN is no different. This is the nature of centralization.

Created in 1945 out of the former League of Nations, our good buddy FDR (was there anything he did that didn't end up ultimately screwing us?), got together with 50 other countries with the stated intent of preventing another Hitleresque type catastrophe. That's an admirable goal, however, as with all things admirable, there are always unforeseen consequences and hidden agendas which do not bear out for some time.

What started as 51 countries, mainly developed nations with an International interest, has ballooned into 190, and these new members have helped fuel the fire of rampant anti-Americanism.  Of these 190, 26 are countries that the State Department calls "unsafe for American travel." This is not counting countries that the State Department advises you to watch your ass when you travel there either. Couple those countries with the plain old America haters in the world (I'm looking at you France) and there is quite an anti-American alliance going on there. This sentiment becomes increasingly clear with every proposal they put forth.

Even though most Democrats have been beating George W. over the head with the issue, the Senate voted down the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol Agreement (for emission standards) by a whopping 97-0 vote. Why? Because it became obvious that Kyoto was written with the objective of adding additional cost to American industry. China wouldn't be held to these standards, nor would India.  By imposing these additional costs, American industry would have a tougher time competing with these countries' nationalized industry and nine cent a day labor. (To me, it speaks volumes that we continue to outperform these countries under the conditions we are currently under. Americans still make pretty good stuff.)

So rather than adopting our system of free enterprise, these dictator countries try to hold complete power while driving our prices up.  Considering that this organization boasts about its membership size, there are only a handful that could be marginally classified as free economies. This is typical of the tyranny of the majority. No UN recommendation will consider in the slightest the ramifications of the effects on the American economy. We have it too good in their opinions.

Even more recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) wing of the UN has requested that an all out war be declared on smoking and its second hand effects. This is odd for several reasons.

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First of all, the WHO reluctantly released a study regarding second hand smoke and its effect on non smokers. The largest study of its kind (25 countries, 11 years), it found that second hand smoke did not show an increase in incidence in lung cancer rates of nonsmokers that were regularly exposed to it. In some cases (cases in which nonsmokers were exposed at home AND at work) there was a limited protective effect shown. I say they released it reluctantly, because they tried to suppress the information and hide the results within thousands of pages of information. If not for an enterprising journalist at the UK Journal, the world may have never known about the results of this study.

Secondly, you would expect a group that was concerned with "World Health" would have most of their time consumed with such worldwide issues as hunger, malaria, children living in unsanitary conditions, sweat shops, the HIV epidemic in Africa, etc. Why are they so concerned with the smoking choices of people who live in countries where the life expectancy barely breaks 40 and death is a real threat daily? Why are they so adamant about curtailing smoking, when it seems so minuscule compared to other 21st century woes?

America is the world's largest exporter of tobacco products, that's why. Another kick to the foundation, I suppose.

This past week, America was voted off the Human Rights Commission branch of the UN (Did they extinguish our torch at Tribal Council?)  You see, we are so bad at making sure that every citizen's human rights have been met that we have upset the strong moral senses of the other members of the commission. Among these moral authorities are the "still active in the slave trade" Sudanese, the "you will worship who we tell you to worship" Chinese and, of course, the "you will eat goat meat 6 days a week so you will appreciate chicken on Fridays" Cubans. See how bad we have been?

What started out as an organization to prevent violent dictatorships, like Adolph Hitler's, has now become an organization whose majority of members are, you guessed it, countries run by violent dictators. Third world nutbags who insist on controlling the International agenda while their very own policies mirror those of Hitler's; the wanton slaughter of citizens, nationalization of industry, the acquirement of adjacent territories, enslavement of peoples...all of these things exist to some extent within members of the UN.

Yet we give these countries a seat right next to us at the table.

The UN Charter expresses the need for a United World. Yet the only unity we see in the ranks is a unity to hamper American progress. To slow American dominance in industry. To put question marks on our own Constitution. To encourage nasty sentiment against American products and American ethics. To extinguish the flame of the only country which purposely placed the word "happiness" in its Constitution.

So here we have these Fidel Castro wannabes kicking away at our foundation while calling us the 'Great Satan' or the 'Evil Westerners' or what ever the term du jour is and we still stand tall.  Is it possible these third world misfits will succeed in bringing America down? Probably not.  America, even in its current tattered version of its greatness, is still light years ahead of these nitwits. Still, it would be folly to get too complacent.  Hopefully, this sick joke of a Human Rights vote will wake a few of our sluggish politicians up so we can start to question our involvement with the UN.


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