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by Jeff Brewer


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            A few years later, the fall of 1999 to be exact, the man o’ cloth had one of his finest moments.  J.J. and 2,000 of his followers descended on the racist hotbed of Decatur, Illinois, a town long known for its dreadful treatment of its black citizens, to challenge the local school board’s decision to suspend seven black students for beating one another and others about the face with fists and feet during a high school football game.  Also known as fighting, the thuggish antics of these juvenile hoodlums were caught on camera, depicting these black students kicking and punching whomever in a wide swath across the stadium bleachers.  Horrified parents and children are clearly seen running for their safety as the unruly, riotous homeys engage in all manner of fisticuffs. 

            No matter to the “Reverend.”  He contended the suspension was racist to the core, a deplorable act of discrimination committed against seven otherwise angelic youths.  Never mind that these troubled, pugilist teens all had histories of truancy and class failure and deviance of every kind.  Discipline against them was unwarranted, J.J. said.  A blatant racist act!  Actually, Jesse, this charge was unfounded.

There’s more.

            In early 2000, a promising football star from Mississippi was found hanging from a tree in his family’s front yard, strapped as it were, by one of his own belts.  Autopsies ruled the death a suicide as did a police investigation conducted at the behest of the city’s black police chief.  The town’s mayor, who was also black, agreed with the conclusion of the coroner:  The young man took his own life.  Jesse Jackson ruled the tragedy a lynching committed by white hoodlums angry at the football star for dating a white girl.  Just recently, a Justice Department investigation also concluded the young man killed himself.

            These incidents only scratch the surface of the man’s illegitimacy as a bonafied leader of black America.  Jackson has been reported on record reminiscing about his days as a cook in a southern diner where he would routinely spit in the food of white customers.  He is a close chum of the racist Al Sharpton and the king of goons, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.  His non-profit PUSH coalition, an organization wrought with fraudulence, only divides America by race and socieo-economic class.  His intermittent picketing of professional, privately owned sports franchises for not hiring enough blacks is an affront to a free, republican society.  And his recent disclosure of having fathered a child out-of wedlock with a co-worker and then keeping the mother quiet with plush digs in California and a steady cash flow further erodes his already questionable credibility. 

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              His supporters claim he has done soooo much for black Americans over the years (Truth is, blacks have done well in spite of Jesse Jackson). Yet he readily claims that little has been done and therefore is his work still needed.  With Jesse, there will always be a struggle.  His power and sway over the brain-dead black community is predicated on there being some “struggle” being waged across the Fruited Plain.  Without the struggle, he loses his potency.  For this is a man that claims to be crusading against the rampant illegitimacy and criminality in the black community, and yet he is copulating and pro-creating with a woman other than his wife.  The hypocrisy!!

Blacks will have to see this for themselves, lest they remain under the thumb of this “racist hustler/poverty pimp,” as Congressman J.C. Watts so appropriately termed the man o’ cloth and others of his ilk.  Meanwhile, conservatives must continue to exploit the “Reverend’s” fraudulence as often as possible, even if he labels his opponents racists.  The truth is, his opponents scare him and his only defense is to castigate them as bigots.

So, it’s really pretty obvious why the Clerical Crusader is scorned and even pitied by America’s conservatives.  He’s a dunce, a morally bankrupt pseudo-Believer who supports abortion on demand and the lending of wholesale legitimacy to homosexual perversion; he has an aversion to capitalism and free-markets and corporations and absolutes and standards.  Of course we can’t stand him.

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© Jeff Brewer, 2001


Views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Political USA.

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