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by Jeff Brewer


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            Occasionally, I read or hear someone sincerely and sanely ask just what the hoopla is surrounding this Clerical Crusader known more affectionately as the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson, or J.J. for short.  They wonder in amazement at his vilification by the more conservative quarters of American society, and invariably, they’ll chalk up J.J.’s roasting as another random act of racism by a powerful right wing conspiracy.  In fact, just this other day, I read a column that suggested this very thing.  I recoiled in amazement at the apparent ignorance put forth by the unwitting author.

            So I decided to respond to this inquiring mind with the mighty pen.  Why do I detest the “Reverend?”  Why do I look at this idiot as nothing more than a buffoonish clown?  Let me count the reasons why.

            I like things in chronological order and so I’ll lay out evidences for this pseudo-intellectual’s vacuity in a very organized fashion, from his earliest acts of tomfoolery to his most recent run-ins with stupidity.

            Twenty-one years ago this civil rights jester trekked down to Atlanta to undertake an investigation into the mysterious slayings of several young black boys.  The natives were at a loss as to who was doing all the molesting and killing; the local authorities hadn’t the slightest.  But J.J. did.  Oh yes, he certainly had it all figured out.  Why, these young black children were dying at the hands of members of the Ku Klux Klan.  Yep, the hooded villains were at it again.  And why not?  As the “Reverend” so adroitly pointed out at the time, “it is open season on black people.”  Sure enough, sales on hunting licenses and tags were on the rise at that time in Stone Mountain and other parts of the Atlanta metropolis.  Not really.

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            But J.J. was as sure as the sun rising every morning that white folks were responsible for the grizzly deaths of these 23 youths.  This slaughter was indicative of a general disregard for black people that was gripping the nation, or so Jackson posited.  He told Time Magazine at the time “black life is not seen in the same manner as when whites are killed.  I regard this attitude as a cultural conspiracy to kill black people.  The American culture is anti-black.”  After this stream of brilliance from the veritable man o’ cloth, the white perpetrator came forth and admitted to the murders.  Not really.

            When all was said in done, a degenerate pedophile sporting black skin was convicted of the deaths of these 23 boys.  The clerical crusader’s unfounded aspersions made him look really silly.

            A few years later, the brazen buffoon opened his mouth again.  The year was 1988 and a black female by the name of Tawana Brawley cried rape at the hands of one of those horrible sub human forms known as a white male.  You know, the sort that founded and developed the greatest society ever known-Western Civilization.  Yes, those rape-crazed animals.  Well, the “Reverend” charged that Ms. Brawley’s rape was “part of a larger and growing case of racial antagonism.”  Whitey was targeting black females for rape and other exploitative acts of subjugation. 

            The rape charge ended up being a devilishly concocted hoax on the part of Tawana.

            I’m sure we all remember the Great Racist Church Burnings of the Mid- Nineties don’t we?  Surely you recall the panic and fear felt by all black Americans as scores of congregations were torched by pyro-crazed white racist hillbillies acting in concert as part of a nation-wide conspiracy of intimidation.  I remember well those dark days of 1995, as William Clinton and the “Reverend” joined hands in tiny towns throughout the south, belting out stanza after stanza of We Shall Overcome.  I don’t know about you, but the lyrical abilities alone coming from the silky smooth “Reverend” had me convinced more than ever that white thugs were responsible for some 50 houses of worship burning to the ground.   How could it be otherwise?  If J.J. says it is “a cultural conspiracy,” then it must be.  Waxing philosophical.

            But once again, the Holy Warrior from Harlem was dead wrong.  FBI investigators, Bill Clinton’s FBI mind you, concluded that only three or four of the burnings were motivated by so-called “hate crimes.”  Additionally, a few of the culprits were of a decidedly black hue.  

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© Jeff Brewer, 2001


Views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Political USA.

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