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War and Islam: Inseparable and Irreversible

By Dorothy Anne Seese

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There should be no doubt that I hate war, all war, from the beginning of human history until now.  War is the very opposite of everything that humans cherish and wish for their children and their grandchildren.  War is bloodshed, misery, maiming, hate and devastation.  War is man's fallen nature with the devil in control of the battle strategy and egging on the aggressors. But we live in a very imperfect world in this age, thus war will be inevitable whether I like it or not.

It is the no-win incursions that cost American lives, the staple of our so-called "wars" since Korea, to which I object the most.  The lives lost cannot be said to have been lost in the defense of freedom when this nation goes about meddling and losing lives before it calls a halt, offers an apology and then retreats into the background to boast of its military prowess.

In this world, timing is everything and it appears America has had its clock rearranged to some interplanetary time zone. This had to be an invisible action taken in 1949 when we engaged North Korea in a no-win war, and in every so-called, life-losing, battle-losing, no-win war since that year.  As to the Iraq war, I believe we began by attacking Afghanistan without any declaration other than some vague "war on terrorism" which should have been designated as covert operations, not conventional military assaults. Just how we got into Iraq is puzzling other than the media made the subtle shift for us to account for the military buildup and then-impending invasion.

Furthermore, since 1949, money has been made by some members of the growing military/industrial complex while structured "recessions" have taken down the mid to lower middle income class population. The only millionaire to die in a firefight of whom I am aware is the late professional football star Pat Tillman, killed as a Special Forces corporal in Afghanistan still hunting for the still-missing Osama bin Laden.  Tillman gave up his million-dollar football contract and then his life for the America he understood to be the land of the free, home of the brave, and leader of the free world. I wish so very much that the America he died for still existed. The hard truth is, that America no longer exists except in name only, and even that may change from our growing globalist sympathies.  

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Tillman died fighting the evil deeds of Islam.  What is so terribly frustrating is that Islam isn't confined to one nation or even to the Arab League.  Since the seventh century anno domini (A.D.) Islam has been a militant religion of conquest, brutal treatment of the conquered, political assassinations, suppression of all freedom of speech and imposed religion.  Its government and religion are inseparable; its religion believes in war against all Infidels (non-Muslims) and therefore the so-called Islamic "radicals" are really only those Muslims who are living out their Islamic code as given in their holy books.

To call Islam "peaceful" is to call a dragon tame or a war horse a pony.

Islamics have not hesitated to thwart all efforts by its pro-western leaders to advance into a culture of independence.  Its religion and war are inseparable until the world is taken for Allah.  All westernization is viewed as capitulation to the enemies of Allah.  

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This is not to vindicate the supposed Christian west, where Christian nations have fought one another over power, control of resources and money.  Such "Christian" leaders of war are not following their faith or the teachings of Christ, which means they are not really Christians, they live in nations where the Christian church is dominant and perhaps are nominal members of some Christian denomination.  Where one follows the teachings of Christ, war in self-defense would be the very last resort and could never occur between truly Christian nations.

The question now is, has Islam advanced by immigration into the western world to where there is no longer any choice but to declare war against Islam itself, rather than calling it a war against terrorism?

Many Americans are fed up to the core with the Islam that our leadership calls "peaceful" (meaning they haven't been called yet to die for Allah).  The same is true of many subjects of Her Majesty's kingdom and citizens of France.  Spain got one attack on some trains and voted in panic for a socialist, pro-Islamic government.

If indeed this war against terror shows itself for what it is -- and how much plainer that needs to be is amazing at this point of time -- then we will have a true war against Islam!

The American media is busy riling up Americans against their own soldiers for brutality toward prisoners at Abu-Ghraib prison when it should be giving every ounce of its energy to showing the atrocities of the Islamics, telling the stories of the few who have survived Islamic imprisonment, and showing the photos of those who have been gutted and skinned by Islamic soldiers for Allah. 

I happened upon an ideal world one day at my doctor's office.  My physician and my rheumatologist are both from India and are Hindus, but in that office sat several people of fair skinned, European ethnicity, alongside two Hispanic people who were probably of Mexican origin (that is the dominant Hispanic nationality here in Arizona), a few black people, and a Pakistani man and his wife. The wife wore the traditional Muslim dress of Pakistan, not the burqa of Arabia.  Everyone wished to see the doctor and no one was fighting, offended or otherwise distressed one with another, at least not visibly.  That is not the real world outside the office, which is a shame.

Here in the real world there is a fourteen-hundred year old war still in progress, Islam vs. The West. Or anyone else who isn't Islamic, including the Far East.

There has not been one word spoken by this Christian writer against Buddhists, Confucianists, Shintoists, or other religions that mind their own business.  Islam has never minded its own business because world domination, in its view, is its business.  They do not send missionaries who come in peace but warriors who come to destroy and subdue.  Islam (submission) is in its very name. 

It would be a far clearer fight for American liberty if this nation's leadership would be honest (will we ever see that day?) and declare war on Islam. Defense of our nation is far clearer if we see the fight in progress as a war against Islamic intervention and terrorism rather than some winless war against a faceless, nameless "terrorism" wherever it may be found.  Have we arrested any suspected terrorists who are not Islamic or in league with the Islamic cause?

Wars are supposedly against the enemy.  If Islam is the enemy of freedom as the west has practiced it, and as the founders of America envisioned it, then let's call the war what it is.  If it isn't against Islam, then what "terrorism" is it against?  And why is the American media fighting Americans, attacking Christians, and offering sympathy to Islamics who understand that in war or terrorism, one can expect brutal practices, even from the USA.  Taking down our own people is not productive, even if they are privately reprimanded.

I still hate war.  But if war is the means to protect America, what I have seen of the outcome this war has been against Americans, not for them, other than having our soldiers "die for freedom" when we're losing freedoms daily.  That isn't war, it's a farce, a coverup for domestic control.

If we're going to fight, there is only one way to fight a war:  to win!  That means an all-out assault against Islam wherever it is found to be a major force or the government of a nation.  All we can do is apologize for the innocents who will die, but again, that's war.  It is a very ugly business, but the more quickly our nation dispatches the enemy, the sooner we can rebuild what is left of America.  Sad to say, there isn't all that much freedom left to defend.  Our only justification is that we are (so far) freer here than those under Islamic law and government.

If America's leadership is willing to traffic with the Arab terrorists in exchange for oil, or go after a nation to get oil, then we shall have nothing left to defend for any real future.  If we open up the ANWR in Alaska and use our other known oil resources, we can put Islamic nations out of business in a hurry.  As it is, we are taking American taxpayer dollars to finance the Islamic terrorists and their wars for Allah at the same time we're robbing the same taxpayers to send our military overseas to die in a war against Allah's soldiers.

That kind of American traffic is not capitalism, it is hyper-capitalism, or oligarchy, and it leads to serfdom. Free enterprise, not controlled mega-mergers among giants, is the true capitalism that built America and gave small business the right to exist and grow.  While we fight losing wars, hyper-capitalists grow richer and America stays in a lowering standard of living. 

War is unholy, war is Hell.  But for mercy's sake if we are in a war, WIN IT for a change. Then get a government that will listen to the people rather than the special interest groups that are gaining so much control over a supposedly free nation.









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