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Are We Better Off As A Pagan Nation?

By Dorothy Anne Seese


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There has been much said about what great things technology has done for America and the world.  We've heard much about what great gains we in America have made in "social progress" when in fact, about the only progress that has been made began in the 1950's with the civil rights movement that gave people of non-European ethnicity and darker skin color more opportunity to achieve.

Are we as a nation better off now that we are a pagan nation?  Has the Supreme Court's decisions against the Bible and against America's Christian-based heritage improved our lot in life?  How can we tell?

We might do the standard routine of asking questions about ourselves.

*  Are we better off for having "family" redefined to include all cohabitation, any combination of sexes?  Has this produced a better environment in which to live and raise children?

*  Are we better off with the plague of drug use and the enormous narco-trade?

*  Are we better off as a nation with a soaring crime rate, much of it drug related but much of it also related to domestic violence, particularly among live-in partners?

*  Are we better off with growing addictions to gambling now that lotteries and casinos are everywhere and greed is the new god-on-the-block?

*  Are we better off with children who don't know who their father is, was, or may have been and a mother who has a new man around the house every few weeks or months?

*  Are we better off with "welfare generations" who perpetuate their victim status and glorify it into a subculture of our social fabric?

*  Are we better off with an increasing number of laws to regulate things that used to be regulated by the family and the neighborhood?

*  Are we better off having the federal government intrude into every aspect of our lives so that there is no privacy and little meaning to the Bill of Rights?

*  Are we better off with women being accepted as suitable mothers when they have one child after another out of wedlock, and consider marriage some kind of irrelevant formality that is not necessary for living with someone in a relationship of cohabitation?

*  Are we better off because we have to filter the internet, the television and almost every other form of media, and check to see how much filth a movie contains before the kids can go there?

*  Are we better off because the Catholic Church is reining in its pedophiles (somewhat) but NAMBLA and other sickos are pushing pedophilia through other means all across the nation?

*  Are we better off with government regulations on everything, taxes on everything, and the government watching what people eat, smoke, drink, breathe, drive, obtain from the pharmacy, question their doctors about, or call for pastoral assistance?

*  Are we better off now, with our gadgets for which we have new laws prohibiting their use while we drive the city streets?

*  Are we better off for larger homes where the family (whatever it is) can stay away from one another rather than being together and part of one another's lives?

*  Are we better off with a somewhat-religion of many gods, chief among which are the State and Self?

Look around and you will find the answers.  Increased debt, suicide, homicide, confusion, stress, emotional overload, loneliness, dissatisfaction, anger, and the desire to "get away from it all" as the commercials for resorts and vacations emphasize so strongly.

If it's all that good living in a frantic pagan nation, why do we need to get away from it all?

What we are observing is a nation of people without peace of mind or contentment of soul, a people treading the turbulent waters of social upheaval and technological change that stresses the mind and emotions, and no place to turn now that God has been rejected in our land by all except the devout few.

Even the churches have been taken in by the Great Delusion, and have bent to the will of the heathen who look "religious" rather than the faithful who quietly live in harmony with their Lord.  But tares are dangerous weeds in the wheatfields because they look like wheat until they are ripe.  They choke out or try to choke out the wheat.

Those who remember the front porch gathering, before the days of the drive-by shooting rampage can remember when we knew our neighbors.  Now we are not only a nation of pagans but a nation of strangers, particularly in big cities.  We're a nation of debtors who owe funny money to funny-money lenders at usurious interest rates while prices climb out of control and the opportunity to "get ahead" financially seems to vanish like the desert mirage as one draws near to it.

When we followed the old paths, the ones known by our founding fathers, we were not only a free people but a much healthier people.  Faith, emotional and physical soundness interact.

The heathen, the pagans, have always had a culture of death and human sacrifice.  We have a culture of death by abortion of the unborn and euthanasia for the elderly who dwell helplessly in so-called "care centers" and the disappearing children who vanish from sight and whose photos wind up on "have you seen me" posters.  This is human sacrifice, a perfect example of paganism.

Forty or fifty years ago almost every parent knew where their kids were.

Forty or fifty years ago we were happy with one older car and a new steam iron, a black and white television, and kids happily playing outside while stay-at-home moms cooked meals from scratch and divorce was still considered personal failure except for special circumstances.

Well ... consider the evidence, the results.  Is the proof of the pudding in the eating?  Is the litmus test in the color of the paper?

Test and see and be honest.  Are we better off as a pagan nation?

Or are we falling apart as a people, as a nation, as a bastion of freedom?  Have we fallen like Humpty Dumpty into irreparable damage and our judgment lies in a puddle on the floor of judgment?

Test and see.


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