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Reader response to Our Waterloo?; Whiney women in the military

Dear Dorothy Anne,

As a 20 year Navy veteran, [1952-71] -- 9 as a Chief Petty Officer ca 1962 to 1971, I had two tours of duty with WAVES, [Women's Auxiliary Volunteer Emergency Service]. With one exception, they were outstanding service personnel. They were SERVICE personnel, not out to make a name for themselves, not out to be better than anyone else. They were there to serve their country because they
thought it in their country's best interest to do so. In my division in Washington D.C. the thirty-two women performed their jobs as expected ... no favors and no favoritism ... AND no complaints.  In my tour as Navy Instructor, there were two WAVE Chief Petty Officers, professional to the core. They did not molly-coddle any WAVE student, as a matter of fact, in some instances, I thought they might have been a little too harsh, but maybe that was my protective instinct coming to the fore.

In any case, the military has changed drastically since I retired. The women today no longer serve their country, but have become self-serving and quick to complain. The language used by today's service women is gutter-talk which does not earn them any respect. You are absolutely correct about the lowering of standards. In my estimation the commission established by the non-military commander
in chief, WJ Clinton, should have had their recommendations taken seriously ... i.e., dual sets of standards, separate boot camps and women should not serve in combat roles.

However, their recommendations were poo-pooed,
and we now have female Marine Captains going outside the chain of command to complain about their "unjust treatment" or "harassment." I believe she should be brought up on the charge of failure to achieve standards and going outside the chain-of-command to report her complaint. But of course, I've forgotten ... it is a new military social experiment

we are dealing with. God Help Us All.
M. H. Prokity, RMC, USN, Ret



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