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Saudi Arabia and France: Two Sputtering Flags

By Dr. Marcus Goldman | Bio

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Did Saudi security forces collude with Al-Qaeda to kidnap and slaughter Paul Johnson? Unfortunately, the kingdom is freedom-impaired and so the truth may remain elusive-and therein lies the problem: Truth and transparency. As Saudi Arabia stares apathetically at its potential demise, it reaps the just deserts of its self-fractured foreign and domestic policies-policies predicated on secret backroom deals, support for terror in other world regions and cowardice before the long sword of Wahabism. The Saudi melting pot has become a cauldron of mixed messages, disingenuous pronouncements from smooth talking Ambassadors and a resultant haven for terror that grows worse by the day. Saudi Arabia, however, has a partner in neglect.  

While old Europe declares American meddling in Iraq to be the very model of destabilization in the Middle East, it was old Europe itself, namely France, that helped perpetuated the scourge that now infests the kingdom. Invoking “Liberty, equality and fraternity,” and in its zeal to be the world’s equal opportunity terror haven, France welcomed violent scoundrels of all races, religions, and nationalities. It was France, for example, that fed crepes to the Ayatolla Khomeni as he plotted his murderous return to Iran-the Saudis too have given refuge to the most horrific of God’s creatures. France is now busy trying to hysterically undo its grievous errors by “boldly” banning head scarves. France, too, has created a world in which it may or may not emerge intact.

Nice-isms continue from each side. Recent comments from the French foreign ministry to the Saudi government reflect growing unease...or boisterous lip service-"With the hostage-taking continuing, France condemns these acts of violence and terrorism in the strongest possible terms. In these tragic circumstances, I wish to offer you in the name of the French authorities and personally my heartfelt condolences and to ask you to convey my deep sympathy to the families of the victims of these attacks. In this difficult period, my country will be more than ever at the side of yours in the necessary mobilization to fight terrorism.” France knows, like the Saudis, that its burgeoning radical population will mean doom for both nations. But Saudi Arabia and France have far more in common with each other than a simple assortment of bad guys.  

Adv:  What does the government know about you?

1) Both nations foolishly pride themselves on being fiercely independent yet are only able to produce results commensurate with their limited capabilities. France’s Napoleonic “strength” and independence are a sham. The Kingdom has been unable to protect itself from internal or external forces.

2) Both nations have had immoral asylum policies, consciously importing those with both evil and noble intent.

3) Both nations have inordinate anti-Semitism that they refuse to crush. Saudi Arabia encourages such murderous hatred to deflect internal dissent-it is not working. In the service of offering up Jews to placate a ravenously hungry radical Islamic populace,
France denies the existence of its rabid anti-Semitism.

4) Both nations are consistently abusive to the United States, brainwashing its residents into believing that Americans have satanic intent. The United States, with great determination and sacrifice, painfully liberated both France and Saudi Arabia.

5) Both nations have turned a blind eye to hate producing madrasses.

6) Both nations are selfishly fearful of an all-out war on terror.

7) Both nations have no consistent national core beliefs and are both in trouble-big trouble. Both will eventually be calling on the defamed United States to bail them out, as they have done in the past.  

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France and Saudi Arabia are broken, perhaps beyond repair. They chose the path of least resistance yet are now meeting fierce radicalized friction of their own design. The United States, of course, will somehow be blamed. Any recourse these two countries may have will hinge on their willingness to confront their imperfections-something they have been loath do so in the past. The Saudis must openly identify evil in their midst, purge their security services, become truthful and transparent. Both France and Saudi Arabia must fight anti-Semitism, shut down madrasses, stop indiscriminate asylum and openly announce a terror-killing agreement with Israel and the United States. 

The sword that adorns the Saudi flag is now more a symbol of the manner in which the nation will lose its head to Al-Qaeda, Frances tri-color, has become a symbol of profane diversity, hate and pomposity-fluttering flags are now sputtering flags. Will we read about the demise of both nations in some history book long before either will admit defeat or will conviction, transparency and dedication to the truth be their savior?

Marcus J. Goldman, MD is a psychiatrist and author of “The Joy of Fatherhood.” His work has appeared in The Washington Times, Tech Central Station and The Boston Herald.  Dr. Goldman is a Guest Writer for OpinionEditorials.com.







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