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The Drudge Manifesto
By Matt Drudge

Reviewed by Joseph M. Giardiello

Will Drudge et al Replace the Mainstream Media?

Matt Drudge's central premise in the Drudge Manifesto is that the mainstream news media is in its final days. The CNNNYTIMETURNERAOLETC.ECT. Conglomerate will soon take a back seat to the Drudges of the world.

One problem: Drudge relies on those very media outlets he has written off for his own news feeds. No one apparently has told Drudge that he needs the big news gathering outlets to have something to give to his readers.

Of course he does have a point that consumers now have a choice as to where we can find our news. Drudge or anyone else can collect feeds and links and serve them up to surfers. But his is sadly mistaken if he really thinks such news outlets will take the place of the major networks. At least not for a very long time to come.

That said, once you get past the Drudge writing 'style,' his manifesto is enjoyable to read. Learning about his rise from obscurity to world wide fame in breaking Monicagate, you learn to accept one line pages and all the other Drudge trademark styles.

Drudge may very well continue to sit atop the internet crop of new age reporters/editors/copyboys/producers. He is unique. Afterall, he is the only reporter to ever be sued by the White House.







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