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Another Democrat Given Pass for Racist Statement
High tech lynching aimed at J.C. Watts this time

By Joseph M. Giardiello


At the height of the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, Thomas denounced the "high-tech lynching" that was being carried out by the Senate Democrats and their allies in the media. Thomas called on cooler heads to prevail and bring the debate back to a level worthy of the worlds most deliberative body. The Democrats were using tried and true racist stereotypes to paint Thomas as a black predator, his employees at the mercy of his sexual urgings. They never could say it outright, but that’s certainly the message they were transmitting all along.

It was ironic that the party that fancies itself the champion of black America would tolerate such behavior, but it was all in support of the crusade to keep Thomas off the court.

It would seem the opportunistic racism of the Democratic Party is alive and well and living in San Francisco in the person of California Congressman Fortney H. "Pete" Stark. Its latest victim is Congressman J.C. Watts (Okla.), a black Republican.

According to Roll Call, Stark raised questions during a committee hearing about Watts’ children "who were all born out of wedlock."

Never mind that Stark would drag another member’s family into his gutter politics. Not confined by facts (he showed the same mastery of details as Al Gore in the middle of one of his lathered-up, alpha-male speeches) Stark didn’t consider it relevant that only Watts’ first child was born before he was married. He then got married and had four more children.

But the outrageous actions by Stark and his cronies didn’t end there. When confronted by Watts’ for his behavior, Stark was said to be shocked by his reaction! "It took Pete aback," Roll Call reports a Democratic source said. Another source "close to Stark" said the lawmaker believed Watts was threatening. Well of course he was. He’s black, isn’t he?

Watts is no stranger to such contemptible liberal race-baiting. In his first run for Congress in 1994, his Democratic opponent fired the first salvo in the campaign with an ad that featured a high school picture of the afro-wearing Watts. Appropriately, his opponent was shown holding a pig.

Stark has said some pretty outrageous things in his long congressional career. Roll Call reported on his description of Congresswoman Nancy Johnson as an insurance industry "whore." In 1991 he assaulted his "Jewish colleagues" for their support of the Gulf War. Other African-Americans that don’t fit Mr. Stark’s definition of the right kind of black person have also been subjected to his rage. In 1990, Stark declared former Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan "a disgrace to his race" because Sullivan had the nerve to support Republican health policies.

So where was the press, those guardians of racial justice, when Stark again launched into one of his race-baiting tirades? Roll Call neglected to even allude to the racist sentiments behind Stark’s remarks about Watts. The rest of the media has been silent.

Of course, this is nothing new. In just the last few months we had former Knight of the Ku Klux Klan and current Senator Robert Byrd use the dreaded "N-Word." California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante simply apologized for his use of the same word during a speech. These stories came and went almost overnight.

Like Clarence Thomas before him and every other African-American that refuses to stay down on the liberal plantation, black Republicans like J.C. Watts must continue to endure. 

But that doesn’t change one basic fact: It was a high-tech lynching all over again, but no one seemed to notice.

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