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Neuter the Ignorant

By the Cynic



A few months back, I ventured into how stupidity affects our day to day lives. How most laws are based on someone stupid, doing something stupid to result in another stupid law.

I fear it's worse then I thought.

After watching a few hours of the Discovery channel, I began to think more about the human species, and how it compares to other species. Particularly, our mating habits.

Therein lies the whole problem with the human race.

As a species, the human's main attribute and only defense mechanism is brain power. We don't have tough skin. We can't shoot poison out of our rear end. We can't run particularly fast. We only have our own wits as a means of protection and survival. We were smarter than the tigers and lions and bears and we would build shelters to protect ourselves and our family. We would use logic and reasoning to invent weapons and tools to have the means to produce sustenance and shelter more reliably. Without our wits, we would perish.

Throughout the years, humans continued to progress both individually and communally. We created languages. We began recording history as a means of learning. We established villages. We built cities. We manufactured goods and sold them for profit. Humans were advancing. We were educating each other and we would learn from other's mistakes. We would teach our children everything we learned, so they could go forth and find new knowledge. Our wits were bringing us to places we never thought we would be.

So why did we abandon this?

I am beginning to believe the human species is regressing. Try calling a customer service department for a prime example. Customer Service is a profession that is chock full of brain-dead morons, who hate their wait...they hate the fact that they have to work, doing whatever it takes not to help you. Speaking to you in a language which could barely be called English (if you stretch) only to give you a kiss-my-ass attitude and transfer you six times. These people are the "voice" of multibillion dollar companies.

Yet, as humans, these people have a means of providing for themselves and they will not be denied medical treatment when they shoot themselves while cleaning their own gun. They survive and, even worse, they breed.

As a species, we are still captive to our instincts. Without the necessity for wits, we breed according to physical attributes. Men want women with wide hips (for child rearing) and large breasts (for feeding infants). Women look for wide shoulders (strength) and for money (good provider). No where does intelligence factor in. Sure, folks will tell you that they are looking for intelligence, but this is nothing more then a facade for the underlying physical lust that they want, but are too cowardly to own up to. They want tits, not wits.

Now for the scary part.

The uneducated underclass produces, on average, almost 3 times as many children than the highly educated. Stop and think about that for a moment. Considering that these kids will probably produce children at the same ratio, we reach total ignorance in about 3 generations. We will become a society where shows like Jerry Springer are watched for its educational value. Where we have great machines that no one knows how to operate. A world in which people trade their souls in exchange for a few shiny objects.

The problem with the ignorant is that they are ignorant of their own ignorance. I have stood in line behind some of these folks at the ATM. I'd watch them as they'd furrow their brows in a futile attempt to understand why the machine 'ain't givin' money,' only to get angry at the bank for letting their account balance run down. If not for the daily comic relief, it would be an entirely sad experience. These folks have no idea how stupid they actually are. They are gene pool 'filler.'

I am not recommending some sort of Malthusian eugenics program to take place, but this is something we all need to be concerned about. When intelligent, thinking parents have only one child, and trailer park bafoons produce three, the intelligent child's progress would be hampered by the ability of the other three. All people are judged against their peers. What if your peers are idiots? Your intelligent daughter will coast through life without being challenged and without having to work on her skills. That may be a good thing, as she may very well be in a position to take the high paying job or run a successful company with little effort. The problem is, she will probably marry a dumb-ass and produce half dumb-assed kids in the process.

A little more filler for the gene pool, I guess.
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