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Freedom the loudest issue of this campaign
By Dorothy Anne Seese
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Bombs Away  

If likeability will be the determining factor in Election 2000, George W. Bush should win.  If believability and consistency are the determining factors, George W. Bush should win.  If an administration that isn't dominated by one man with a controlling disposition is our aim, then George W. Bush should win.

So why is Election 2000 such a horse race?  Because the news analysts are now beginning to state what this observer wrote about three months ago:  there are no "loud" issues stirring the American public to action, to get out the vote, to respond to a crisis.

The single factor on most American minds is how to keep what they've got and add more to it. That's why the election is such a tossup.  Many people are afraid to change administrations in what they perceive to be a great economy, even though the candidates haven't dug into the economy's real problems, such as the trade deficit and the effects of globalism on our national economy.  Another decade of just upgrading computers and information processing technology isn't going to keep the boom going that occurred in the 1990's.

Also, during the past eight years, Americans have become brainwashed (oops, enculturated) to an immoral administration because of the prosperity.  Americans don't want to straighten out the pop culture and the deterioration of the home, the decline of morality and the upswing of the perverse, IF such changes take a buck out of their own wallets.

Yes we do have some crusaders for a more moral America, but not a lot of agreement on how to get there from here.  We have people who are concerned that this is now a nation where 2,300 children are reported missing daily according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Why aren't these "loud" issues?  Because the finger can't be pointed directly at the administration in Washington, but right back at the lack of personal responsibility of parents, the broken homes, the druggies who have kids they don't want and the horrifying number of unwanted kids.  Yes, we have a big loud issue in this country, but fixing it means people would have to resolve their own problems rather than relying on government to do it, and that doesn't set well with a number of voters who want Big Uncle to do their work for them.

When there's hanky-panky in the White House, it somehow makes the slippages of the individual voters seem more "normal" or perhaps even justified.

Al Gore will solve your problems by taking your tax dollars, your guns, your choices over schools and the education of children, your social security and Medicare, and controlling it all.  Too many voters feel comfortable with cradle to grave controls because we haven't begun to experience the full impact of it.

George W. Bush will attempt to get Americans to stop the nonsense and take personal responsibility.  Many Americans want the chance to shake government off their shoulders and do just that.

The underlying problem of this horserace election is that not enough Americans see beyond their own little worlds.  It has been said that the difference between a statesman and a politician is that a statesman has the next generation in mind while a politician has the next election in mind.

George W. Bush is willing to trust Americans with more control over their future.  Al Gore is willing to trust big government to run American life.

Why, oh why can't people seem to fathom that this election is about America's future?  It isn't one issue, it is many issues, but it is one direction or the other ... freedom or control.

Think on this:  if you don't like the results George W. Bush obtains over the next four years, you will have the freedom to vote against him.  If you don't like what Al Gore does, how do you undo the government programs he will sponsor and get rid of the Supreme Court justices he will appoint? You can't!

It's a matter of freedom.  That's the loudest issue in this election.

Dorothy Anne Seese, 2000

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