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George Magazine -- POLITICS AND POPULAR CULTURE UNDER THE SAME ROOF! Focuses on the personalities who shape public issues from elected officials to Hollywood stars. Encourages readers to get the most from their government while remaining concerned about important issues. See reports on current affairs, commentary, cartoons, photographs and charts.

Harpers Magazine -- Harper's provides social and political commentary like no other. Readers glimpse a window on our world using original journalistic forms. Harper' Index, Readings, Forum and Annotation as well as through essays, fiction and reporting.

Jerusalem Post -- The world relies on The Jerusalem Post for updated news and informed opinions from Israel. For more than 60 years, statesmen, business leaders, politicians, investors and all readers interested in Israel and the Jewish people have turned to The Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Post International Edition has earned a global reputation for accurate and authoritative reporting on the dramatic events shaping Israel and the Middle East. One convenient weekly publication keeps you fully briefed every week with sharp analytical reporting and background coverage.

The Jerusalem Post International Edition brings into focus the diverse cultural, business, technological and entertainment stories, and news, of course, which make Israel one of the world's most exciting countries.

Life Magazine -- America's big picture for over 50 years.

Los Angeles Times

New Yorker -- Lively magazine of politics, current events and the arts.

Newsweek Magazine -- YOU ARE THERE EVERY SINGLE WEEK ALL OVER THE WORLD! Reports the week's developments on the newsfront of the world and the nation.  National affairs, international, business, society, the arts, politics, the economy, personal business, the White House, health, science and technology.

Time Magazine

US News and World Report -- Covers news and analysis of national and international affairs. It focuses on the implications of the news rather than the event itself. Feature articles are on technology, finance, health care, education and other matters of personal impact.

UTNE Reader -- Introducing UTNE READER, the magazine that helps you lead a more balanced, meaningful life by bringing you practical information you won't find elsewhere. Helping you shape a more enjoyable life and brighter future for yourself, your community, and the world around you.

Challenging, unconventional viewpoints that will open your mind to the possibilities. Stories about people who have found ways to lead more integrated lives. Interviews with leading thinkers and visionaries. Dispatches from all corners of the globe. Reports on successful solutions to seemingly intractable social problems. And, articles from publications you have never heard of.  

It's all in UTNE READER.

World Press Review -- A sampling of foreign newspaper and magazine reporting and commentary on political, social, economic and cultural affairs drawn and translated entirely from overseas publications. Each issue has at least four major feature articles, roundups of comments on current issues, plus departments devoted to Business, Politics, Science, Films, Theater, Books, Music/Dance, Art/Architecture, Communications, Religion, Sports, Education and travel.

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