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Traitors - Marty Meehan
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Meet the king of partisan attacks and the dean of hypocrisy. Marty Meehan!

Congressman Marty Meehan (D-MA) 

.Partisan attacks: Just after the Sept. 11 attack on the United States the Boston Herald wrote that Congressman Marty Meehan (D-MA), scoffed at the concept of Air Force One as a terrorist target: "I don't buy the notion Air Force One was a target," said Meehan. "That's just PR. That's just spin..."

Hypocrisy: In 1998 he was among the more vocal House Democrats serving on the Judiciary Committee with jurisdiction over the impeachment of President Clinton. When Clinton bombed Iraq on the eve of the full House's impeachment vote, Meehan was quoting as saying:

"'Shame on you for playing into the hands of Saddam, who clearly staged his latest act of defiance to coincide with the impeachment process,' thundered Rep. Martin T. Meehan, D-Mass. at those Republicans who questioned the president's motives. 'You have empowered our nation's enemy.'" (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/18/98)

"'To our colleagues who have questioned the president's motives, shame on you,' Meehan said. 'Shame on you for ending the tradition of setting aside partisanship at the water's edge.'" (Hearst Newspapers in Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News, 12/18/98)

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