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Traitors - Michael Moore
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He's made some crappy movies so the left has made him a hero.  He's the only man in America to suck up to the likes of Barbara Lee.

Michael Moore- just read his web site and you will know he is a traitor. Here are a couple of excerpts from his many ramblings. Enjoy more of these at his web site

"Keep crying, Mr. Bush. Keep running to Omaha or wherever it is you go while others die, just as you ran during Vietnam while claiming to be "on duty" in the Air National Guard. Nine boys from my high school died in that miserable war. And now you are asking for "unity" so you can start another one? Do not insult me or my country like this!"
Michael Moore 9/14/01

"I know we are all supposed to be supportive of Mr. Bush, at the moment, but has it dawned on anyone that he is not, in fact, the "president?" I hate to bring up a thorny subject, but this is the man who lost the election. He got the least number of votes between the two major party candidates. His brother oversaw a rigged vote in Florida."
Michael Moore 9/19/01

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