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Who's In Who's Out
Personal Ambition Family Loyalty
So much for family loyalty, this lady has a Presidential race to win in a few years. Hillary Clinton was "deeply saddened,"  "disappointed,"  "shocked" and "heartbroken" that her brother received $400,000 for winning pardons from Bill Clinton.

Robert Philip Hanssen Wen Ho Lee
The cold war may be over, but the spy game and quest for secrets is not.  Sunday night a bombshell was dropped on the United States and the Intelligence community when Robert Philip Hanssen was arrested for allegedly passing secrets and classified information to the Russians for over 15 years.  This case is big and we may never know just how far it reaches. Old news.

Steely Dan Britney, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys
Yea, we said it, Steely Dan.  After 30 years in the music biz they finally picked up a Grammy.  Oh wait, make that 3 of them, including  Album of the Year, beating out such superstars as Madonna and Eminem.  Rock On! Not one Grammy Wednesday night.  Pathetic!
Britney Rocks

The Enquirer The Networks and print media
Still In. Yet another scoop.  New York Times eat your heart out. Start digging boys., 2001


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