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American Spectator
Lively, witty, in depth, pointed, cutting edge journalism. From United States to countries abroad, see how our policies shape your lives and the lives of those around you. From welfare to warfare, this magazine runs the gamut of your interest. A monthly review edited by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., is one of the countrys fastest growing magazines of investigative reporting and commentary.


Atlantic Monthly
A fast paced magazine with features by leading writers on issues ranging from politics, the universe, education and health, to the law, sports and romance. Stimulating book reviews and articles on the home, food, travel and music will stimulate your senses.


Columbia Journalism Review
Critical coverage of the news media. Call today for our special corporate discount.


Foreign Affairs
International journal of political and economic issues. Learn how Foreign Affairs has figuredprominently in shaping U.S. foreign relations throughout this century, and discover why statesmen, diplomats, businessmen, economists, and students still consider it the most indispensable, cutting edge resource for tracking international political and economic developments.


georgemagazine.jpg (5571 bytes) George Magazine
POLITICS AND POPULAR CULTURE UNDER THE SAME ROOF! Focuses on the personalities who shape public issues from elected officials to Hollywood stars. Encourages readers to get the most from their government while remaining concerned about important issues. See reports on current affairs, commentary, cartoons, photographs and charts.


Insight Magazine
Weekly news and politics magazine direct from the experts.


Jerusalem Report
Biweekly resource magazine for Jerusalem news.


Mother Jones
Magazine of politics and award winning investigative journalism. It provides investigative reports, national and international news and perspectives on politics, culture and current controversies. It reports on the environment, the family, individual liberties, personal choices and corporate and government power.



National Review
Conservative journal on news and politics. Provides first hand reports on national,
international, and cultural affairs, with a focus on Washington and other political hot spots.



Progressive Magazine
THE PROGRESSIVE is one of America's leading voices for peace and social justice. It feature some of the best political writers in the country including humorist Molly Ivins, essayist June Jordan, and editor Erwin Knoll, who regularly appears on the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour. Every month it interviews such prominent activists and writers as Alice Walker, Daniel Ellsburg, Susan Faludi, and Wendell Berry. Readers will also find hard hitting editorials and investigative reporting.


Washington Post National Weekly


Power and Politics every single month. Welcome to Washingtonian Online, the electronic magazine Washington lives by. Since 1965, our readers have relied on The Washingtonian magazine for useful information about the Washington area. Now Washingtonian Online makes it easier for you to get the information you need. The best of Washington is just a click away.

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