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Bush Begins Transition Plans
By Randy Sojourner; Political reporter


In a brief ten minute speech, George W. Bush all but declared himself the winner in the Presidential election tonight. 

After receiving the certification from the State of Florida earlier this evening, Gov. Bush attempted to lay the ground work for what he hopes will be a bipartisan effort to smooth his would be transition into the Oval Office. Speaking briefly about policy plans and his transition team, Gov. Bush asked Vice President Gore to discontinue the legal challenges on the Florida recount, stating emphatically, "It is time for the votes to count."

Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris declared the state's 25 Electoral votes to Gov. Bush after the Florida Supreme Courts arbitrary deadline had passed. The certified count had Gov. Bush leading Al Gore by a slim 537 votes. This certification included the original recount numbers from Palm Beach County, but not the roughly 10,000 disputed ballots that were considered under-votes.

Vice President Gore plans to speak tomorrow about the certification and to outline his camp's legal approach for the coming weeks.

Shortly following the certification, Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman denounced Harris' decision, stating that it was premature to certify without all of the contested ballots counted. Senate Majority leader, Trent Lott, also issued a statement calling for an immediate concession by Vice President Gore.

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