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Military Ballots not junk mail says respected Military Group
By Staff



Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness, issued harsh words Sunday for those attempting to invalidate the votes of overseas military servicemen and women. 

"For the past twelve days, Vice President Al Gore has been conducting a shameless campaign to steal the presidential election by means of obviously suspect manual recounts.  Now the vice president is allowing military voters serving overseas to be denied, through no fault of their own, the right to have their vote counted.

Donnelly continued,  "On Meet the Press this morning, running mate Joseph Lieberman insisted that every vote should count.  He declined the opportunity, however, to disavow the activities of campaign lawyers and political functionaries who are treating military ballots like nothing more than junk mail." 

The Center for Military Readiness, an independent 501(c)(3) educational organization is not alone in its view.  General Norman Schwartzkoph who now lives in Florida, has similar words for Democrat attempts to throw out overseas military ballots. 

Schwartzkoph said, "It is a very sad day in our country when the men and women of the armed forces are serving abroad and facing danger of a daily basis . . . and are denied the right to vote for the president of the United States who will be their commander in chief."

According to the latest reports 1,527 of the overseas ballots were rejected, most after fierce challenges from Democratic workers.  Broward County discarded 77% of military ballots (304 of 396) and in Dade County, only 3 ballots were accepted out of 110.

Republicans as well as Elaine Donnelly with the Center for Military Readiness are extremely upset about the apparent double standard used by the Democrats when counting ballots. 

Donnelly explains, "In heavily-Democratic counties, Gore operatives have demanded the acceptance of questionable votes on the slightest pretext.  Some officials have "divined" and counted "dimpled chads," sometimes on cards punched only for candidates running for other offices.

"By contrast, as many as 1,400 absentee ballots reportedly have been thrown out for flimsy, inconsequential reasons-sometimes without the envelope being opened.  This is a double standard, reportedly incited by "talking points" issued to lawyers associated with the Gore campaign.  The attempt to disqualify valid absentee votes, most of which are from servicemen and women, is disgraceful and unworthy of a man who aspires to become Commander in Chief."

Navy Capt. E.M. DuCom, the Deputy Director of the Military Post Service, on MSNBC Saturday even explained that time constraints on military mail sometimes makes it impossible to apply external postmarks. 

So which side is right? Which side is playing fair?  The only thing we all know for sure is that both sides are digging in and the battle for the White House is far from over.


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