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If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans
by Ann Coulter

The Assault on Reason
by Al Gore


I Am America (And So Can You!)
by Stephen Colbert

Power to the People
by Laura Ingraham


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  • Independent American Party - If ever there were a time for a wake up call within the rank and file of the Republican Party, it is here and now. Surely, there is a gnawing feeling emerging that the party falls woefully short of offering a legitimate and principled alternative.
  • Light Party - A synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Party, Maintains that all the Love, Wisdom and Power is Here Now To Create "Health, Peace and Freedom For All."
  • Light Party - Synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green Parties. Together, Through The Law Of Synergy, We Have An Unprecedented Opportunity Now To Co-Create "Health, Peace And Freedom For All"... We urge you now to consider our programs, and co-create with us A New Reality where "Health, Peace, and Freedom for All" prevails.
  • New Party - The New Party is a progressive political organization taking root around the U.S. By starting small and thinking long-term, we're building a multi-racial, lively and creative political organization that can, over time, break the stranglehold that corporate money and corporate media have over our political process.
  • Pansexual Peace Party - Our primary goals are improving education, creating Universal Health care, and decreasing the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Patriot Party - Pro-third partyists who had become politically active through the Perot '92 campaign and independents based among what have been traditionally Democratic Party and liberal constituencies -- African Americans, Hispanics, gays and progressives -- came together in hopes of creating a new party.
  • Peace and Freedom Party - The Peace and Freedom Party has been on the California ballot for 30 years, consistently standing for the rights of working class people, of minorities, and of women, and consistently fighting U.S. military intervention throughout the world.
  • Progressive Labor Party - Hear The PLP Singers sing the Communist classics The Internationale and Bella Ciao and read the latest defense of Stalin.

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