American Heritage Magazine -- AMERICAN HERITAGE writes from a historical point of view on politics, business, art, current and international affairs and our changing lifestyles.   The articles are written with the intent to enrich the reader's appreciation of stirring panorama that is the American experience.

As John F. Kennedy once said, There is little that is more important for an American citizen to know than the history and traditions of his country. 

Today, more and more of America's most well read and well heeled subscribers (circulation has doubled since 1986) take Kennedy's words to heart each and every time they pick up their issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE. AMERICAN HERITAGE provides perspective on the past, present and future in an editorial environment that emphasizes quality, value and tradition. Every issue is a fascinating, photo filled look back at the events, politics, art and changing lifestyles that shaped our proud nation.

American History Illustrated -- RIVETING! Offers insights into the cultural, military, social and political forces that shape the fabric of our nation, and brings to life the men and women who influenced those events. Profiles section introduces biographies of heroes and villains. Battles Won and Lost recounts centuries of conflicts.  Eyewitnesses to History brings to life in their own words what people saw and felt.

British Heritage -- ENGLISH LOVERS will find the latest news about British products, crafts and craftsmen.

Historic Preservation -- Read about all the historic preservation projects around the country.   Preservation delivers six issues a year of information that will open your eyes, fine tune your sense of place, and stir your passion for historic preservation. Stories about newly revitalized older neighborhoods. Photographs of historic buildings sadly neglected and restored to their original splendor. Ideas about what it takes to make our communities better places to live.

Smithsonian Magazine -- Topics range from ecology, science, urbanology, technology to art history and nature. Automatic membership in the Smithsonian Institute provides special discounts at Smithsonian gift shops, world travel opportunities
through Smithsonian study tours and information on all Smithsonian events in your area.

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