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The Match that Lit the Bomb
That ended the world as we know it

 By Dorothy Anne Seese

No self-respecting film producer would have accepted a script that depicted a world of watchers who all watch one another, some with medieval or dark age customs using crude weapons to shatter the superpowers of the world's military arsenals, while cultures clash and governments commit suicide by making strange alliances and encourage culture dilution to the point of extinguishing their own civilization.  Films still have to have identifiable characters and causes, the good guys and the bad guys, the clash of the forces of good vs. the forces of evil.  If the whole world has become evil, then where is the plot?  There is none.

In the year 2005 A.D. everyone either has a deadly weapon or goes about destroying those who do have them by the use of crude weaponry so that the effectiveness of conventional and high-tech war machines is neutralized by the crudest of weapons in the hands or on the bodies or in the vehicles of those willing to commit suicide for their cause, whatever it is.  If the suicide bombers are sure of their cause, it most certainly isn't clear to an outside observer.   If they succeed in getting rid of one nation's presence, their cause will become a civil war amongst themselves and their local rivalries.  It simply is a no-win situation.

Those who make their homes on the richest oil reserve lands on the planet simply live on valuable turf and a lot of people want to control it.  Those who live in western nations were progressive in their industry until they attained the level of total guilt over total greed and decided to redistribute the wealth of others (not their own) so that everyone but the leadership of the planet could be divided up among the rich, and the poor could be more equally poor once they are reduced by various means to a "sustainable earth" number of those living to support the rich.

The potential for some incident, some assassination, some religious cause, or even some mistake in the field of diplomacy, could easily trigger a reprisal that would begin the domino effect and spread over the globe like tsunamis produced by giant meteors dropping into the world's oceans.

Further, the high tragedy that has all the potential of being great comedy is that everyone is busy watching everyone else.  What used to be the pastime of little old ladies watching their neighbors out of boredom is now a worldwide occupation for the special forces, intelligence specialists and instrumentation manufacturers under government contracts around the globe.  It would indeed be hilarious if the potential to "light the match" were not so prevalent and unpredictable.  A whole planet is busy doing surveillance from satellite and various photo technologies on persons and places, plants and projects, all over the globe.  If we had known about this forty years, even thirty years ago, we all would have run out and bought stock in security and surveillance companies.

Even two-bit twerps are in on the act, trying to look closely enough at the customer ahead of them at the cashier's window so that they can photograph the customer's credit card number and do a bit of identity theft.  Not everyone is in on the act, there are still decent people in the world.  In fact, it is the decent people who prevent the thugs, from paupers to presidents and prime ministers, from going on a rampage and destroying the planet in a glorious blaze of nuclear fission.

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How many cameras did you pass today?  Speed cameras?  Security cameras?  I don't know, I didn't look for them when I went out, I simply go and do my various errands and shopping, mostly without giving it a thought. And it's this "normalcy" of our lives that allows the watchers to do their watching, always for a good cause, so that whoever passes the cameras of the watchers generally doesn't bother to notice.

Then there are the satellite probes that we cannot see with the naked eye, the watchers using space technology for surveilling the planet, or parts of it, to see who might be the most dangerous enemy to the watchers.  Of course, when everyone is busy watching everyone else, then everyone else is a potential enemy, if not an actual one at the instant moment.  It's so comical, and so tragic that the world has come to this.

There is really only one major question left, and one that every watcher knows all too well.  Who will strike the match that lights the bomb?

Whether a real crisis, an imaginary threat, or simply heightened tension that reaches critical mass, something has to give in a world where the ideas of peace are spoken everywhere while preparations for war increase daily.  That is not a recipe for peace but a heightening of suspicions that causes more surveillance.

America and Europe are mere shadows of the nations that they were half a century ago.  They exist in name but not in culture, not in leadership, not in purpose.  The euro is proof of the attempts to meld nations into supernations with increased power on the world stage.  The problem is, the stage is about to collapse.

If that is all the watchers have to watch, it is a sorry planet indeed.

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No wonder the scientists are trying to find another planet that will sustain life.  However, there is a problem they don't consider.  If man could make peace, remove evil, and live righteously, we would not need another planet, and if the scientists could give us one now, it would only be a replica of this mess.

All of this has been foretold long ago, in that book the God-haters want so very much to annihilate because it convicts them of all their evils -- the Bible.  The Christian God has done all for man that man needs, but not what fallen man wants.  But God has a big case of attitude:

"My way or the highway to Hell."  Read all about it -- while Bibles are still available in the remains of the western world.  Then answer the call to safety or be assured that what He has said, He means.











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