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By Dorothy Anne Seese


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European Socialists Hate U.S. Christians

 By Dorothy Anne Seese


The liberal British papers think the US Christian coalition is dumbo.  At least one French correspondent targeted the "Christian right" as the source of the Bush victory, opining that this unknown segment of American life, which has been around since the founding of our nation, is peculiarly out of touch with the rest of the world. The rest of Europe is only angrier at the post-election verdict that it wasn't the war in Iraq, it wasn't even our tanking economy that gave George W. Bush a second term in office.  It was the people who value American tradition, personal liberty, personal and private identity, and above all, their Christian faith that put Bush into office for a second term, a second try at leveling out the morals of the declining nation.

Amazingly enough, when it comes to our value system, love of "the old ways" of morality and identity, and distrust of entangling alliances with socialists, that's exactly where Christians stand.  When it comes to having the Supreme Court rewrite the First Amendment to suit the advocates of the wholly secular state where man is his own little god, Christians disavow that position wholly and vehemently.  And to the amazement of the European socialists, the American socialists, the anti-God groupies and the rest of the world that was watching our election, there's a lot more of us than showed up in Election 2000.  George W. Bush won a second term without my vote because I'm an even more outspoken advocate of cleaning up America's act from Hollywood to Vermont, from Miami to Tacoma.  

Adv:  What does the government know about you?

Some of our mainstream churches may have jumped on the liberal bandwagon, but not all their members have taken the leap of nonfaith with them.  The Church Universal has had to put up with false teachers since the days of the Apostles, something that shows no sign of leveling off or disappearing.  Charlatans and false teachers will abound, but the word bound into a single volume we call the Holy Bible is still our guide and our source of hope.

The media just got caught with their knowledge of the power of the Christian right underestimated and their opinion of the Church batting zero at a football game.  I reckon that as journalists, they could have asked?

This isn't to say that Bush the Second has a mandate from God or from voters, for that matter.  A president was elected for a second term because the trashy morals of the entertainment world, and the jaded secularism of the news media got little of what they expected from puny, ignorant "Christian Hillbillies."  Try and tell them one man and God is a majority and they will laugh.  Make a fool of the pollsters, they go looking in the wastebaskets for notes, polls and quotes to try and explain it all.

Ever hear of faith?  If you hadn't, you have.  The Christian right had no faith in John Kerry, and not nearly as much as they would like to put in Bush, but they chose the man whom they perceived to represent more of the old values that we want to retain, not the "new world morality" of Europe's secular environment and socialistic form of government that is rapidly merging into a single European nation.  Maybe Europeans won't like it so much when they have no idea what nationality they are ... and the Land of Utopia finds its Trojan Horse is standing in their midst even now in the form of the European Union's constitution.

When you don't have God, what do you have?  Well, you have you, and you might have government. 

Both shall pass away.

While Bush has certainly done things to alienate many Christians, and he is president of a nation where not all people are Christian or wish to be, he is deemed by most of the Christians I know to be far superior to a declared liberal (who denied it when convenient) with a pro-choice, pro-socialist, liberal and revisionist view of America.  It's safe to say the traditionalists won, and America's heartland and South, along with the intermountain west, are still very traditional. 

It horrifies Canadians, Germans and French to see that America still hangs onto "the old values" like we do. Why?  Because our strength is in the very God that these others deny, and will be as long as so many remain traditional in the faith and in values.

But having said all this, the Church has not done its job in America as it should have over the past half century. If anything, the churches have been much too "tolerant" of bad doctrines and bad politics.  Many of us on the far right disavowed the invasion of Iraq and were ignored or lumped in with the socialist left because the neo-con establishment didn't wish to acknowledge that some of us who were Republicans left the fold over that war, deeming it an ultimate failure of diplomacy at the point and time of the invasion.

The gun owners also chimed in with their vote, not seduced by the opposition's attempt at a hunting trip on film equate to second amendment rights.  Vietnam Vets produced a whole raft of evidence and rhetoric about the Democratic candidate's performance in and after Nam.  Many traditionalist, constitutionalist and Bill of Rights advocates put more trust in Bush than in his opponent.

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This still isn't a landslide or a mandate.  It is an opportunity. 

It's also an opportunity for Christians to assert their First Amendment rights that have been trampled on since 1962 by the Supreme Court.

Oh yes, we do still need to seal our borders.  With Canadians waxing hateful in their native land north of us, it appears time to seal both borders until we can assess just how large a threat the vociferous and hateful group of Canadians pose.  America needs all its strength now, with a world against it.  And we need our productivity back whether anyone in our government will admit it or keep on dodging the issue. 

American Christians are good prayer warriors.  But Americans are good warriors when given a fighting chance to do the job right.  It just has to be the right job.

The next four years should be interesting, to say the least.












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