I, American
nd the land that was free

By Dorothy Anne Seese

The mega mergers and the technology that replaced humans, including "Operator" at the phone company, have taken my America from me and from all of us who were born American citizens.  But that is not all that has been taken away.  Everyone born prior to September 11, 2001, was born in a freer America than the one in which we live now, and we who claim to be free are comfortable with armed snipers on buildings, and armed police or security, even military, anywhere there is a threat against something we Americans never called this nation, our "Homeland."

We, Americans, have been re-educated to accept things that were never before part of American culture, such as the right to choose our employees, associates, friends, and even neighbors.  Now our institutions that claim to educate first indoctrinate that our American heritage is essentially evil.  The white man is essentially evil because he has dominated the world's exploration, colonization, industrialization, technological innovation, medical advances and largely carried forth the Christian faith to the nations where there was colonization, even in the continental United States and former territories such as Hawaii and Alaska.

The average American has been equated with the elitists who wrongly usurped the wealth of nations they colonized without bringing up an educated class among the indigenous population who could compete with the colonizers.  To that I reply, the average American has never been able to compete with a Rockefeller, Vanderbilt or J.P Morgan.  Most European-heritage Americans shared only one thing in common with the tycoons of the industrial revolution and that was skin color!

There can be only one explanation for blaming the millions of hard working Americans who pioneered the westward movement, endured great hardships, and established settlements that became great cities, for the evil deeds of a few who made their fortunes off their own countrymen .  It is to someone's benefit to disparage Americans of European heritage, that is, white people, by making them ashamed of their ancestry as brutal "capitalists" when in fact, most of the legendary tycoons were just brutal crooks.  With world-wide media available, we are seeing just how many nations have brutal crooks as leaders.  One might well name those who do not, for they may do so on their fingers.

America is a land of great natural and human resources (how nice to be a human resource rather than a human).  The productivity of our land and the still-available lands, some of which belong in huge blocs of acreage to wealthy persons -- the landed gentry of America -- and other huge amounts reserved to the federal government for its own purposes, are needed by the burgeoning world that is controlled by the elitists. Only the maniacal followers of the world's most political religion, Islamic radicals, would want to make scorched earth out of a resource as valuable as America.  No, there is a better way to take control of this land:  fake environmentalism, government restraints upon land use, conservation in all its forms, real and manufactured, and selective forfeitures, as well as the taking by the UN of "heritage lands" all combine to make American landowners feel the burden of land ownership rather than the liberty it was supposed to grant. 

Then there is control of American productivity, industry, ingenuity, progress and entrepreneurship by the federal and state regulators working in concert.  Anyone who wishes to get ahead in a government career must first find out which line to toe, or make an error of honesty that will forever preclude advancement. The same is true in many, far too many universities, where students either accept the doctrines and liberal agenda or fail the course and perhaps be forced out to try and find another university with a blight on the record.  Educational bars have been lowered to accommodate the minorities rather than bringing qualified minorities up to the standards, and then imposing hiring quotas that allow the unqualified or lesser qualified to be handed jobs that they did not get by merit. 

We are thus making America's former middle class either a second-rate producer or a frustrated "majority" with no voice, and a non-threat to the agenda of the Global Governance elitists.  The "greatest generation" that preceded my generation by a short span built American industry.  Generations before them the westward pioneers established the lands and spotted the natural resources needed for industrial growth.   These generations were  people of courage and largely people of faith.  Neither courage nor faith are respected by the world order to come.  The middle class is the major target of the elitists, because they need only a few people with higher education to further useful technology, the balance of the population will be workers trained by government job selection for the area in which they will be useful serfs to the global elite (someone has to serve the coffee). 

There are three major barriers now to the complete control of the middle class, both the working middle class and the retirees.

1.  The South remains a bastion of Christian fervor and rebellion against the liberalization and anti-God philosophies being spread by the damyankees as they move below the Mason-Dixon line again to continue deconstruction of the South by liberalization.  The attack against the Confederate Battle Flag as "racist" serves only to continue divisiveness between the races rather than reconciliation.  No one paid any attention to it until it was pointed out by agenda-serving groups who made it an issue.  The same applies to Southern religious fervor, since it has long been referred to as "Bible Belt" territory.  (Note:  I own many Bibles and a Confederate battle flag and have every intention of keeping them.)

2. Government decreed "universal healthcare."  The following quote, attributed to one of our few able and patriotic members of Congress, expresses the truth about universal healthcare in a nutshell:

"When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state
owns our bodies."
~ U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas)

When your life or death is dependent on the decisions of a hired member of the bureaucracy of "healthcare", a person without medical training or interest and probably incapable of it, then you have accepted a system that indeed owns your body and is after your soul.

3.  De facto rescission of the Second Amendment.  The gun control issue has been raging for over fifteen years of which I am aware, although in some areas much longer.  An armed populace is dangerous to the forces of tyranny, and every tyrant or would-be tyrant disarms the populace.  Hitler did it.  Stalin did it.  China's leaders did it. Now England's leaders and Australia's leaders have followed suit.  Crime has risen, people are dependent on the police to protect them.  Indeed.  What was that old saying? "There's never a cop around when you need one."  Yes.  We know that.  The elitists know that.  They aren't afraid of you protecting yourself, exactly, they are afraid you might protect yourself again them.  That will not be permitted.

The chaos that has disrupted America's former quiet lifestyle did not come about by accident.  It was engineered by open borders, the drug trade against which no true war is being fought, and the rage that has accompanied the disruption of a stable American life.  Frustrated, insecure and destabilized people living in a land that is topsy-turvy, holding jobs that may not be there tomorrow, being worked more hours than they can effectively be productive, or unemployed and worried about being in the streets, all make for an unstable and frightening cultural complex in which to try to survive.  We went from being a fairly unified (but regionalized), fairly tolerant (but not in the ways we're forced to be now) society who knew just what and who we were, to a mixture of disparate people who don't know one another, are growing increasingly suspicious of new people we meet, who suffer from violence in the streets that was unknown in the 1940's and 1950's (it began in the mid 1960's) and we are no longer homogenous Americans with various backgrounds but common standards.

We, Americans, are strangers in a nation we do not know, that is behaving as America has not behaved since the days of the War between the States when the Union imposed martial law, a people who have lost all knowledge of God save for the few who still retain their solid belief in the Bible as God's word.  In fact, as late as 1983, even our Congress was far more traditionally American than it is today.  This was proclaimed by the Congress in 1983 and I recall seeing then-president Ronald Reagan sign the document that made it official, and he had a few words to say on television about that signing.  Here is what our own Congress passed in the year 1983:

Public Law 97-280. Whereas that renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scriptures can strengthen us as a nation and a people….[and since] The Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation….[and because] Deeply held religious convictions springing from the Holy Scriptures led to the early settlement of our Nation….[and because] Biblical teaching inspired concepts of civil government and the Constitution of the United States. [The Congress and The Senate jointly declare 1983 as the Year of the Bible.]

Americans knew who they were then, in spite of the overflow of liberalism from certain strongholds in the Ivy League universities and the California coast who had joined hearts with the Massachusetts Liberal Elite. But the television had not gone totally obscene, our revered regionalizations had not come under fire by those from a couple of liberal "regions," self-designated and aligned with an outrageous Hollywood cadre of debauched males and females and combinations of each.

I, American, retired and disabled from a spinal fracture, have been pushed out of my lifelong middle class by the imposition of government mandates and the intrusion of government into private lives, a violation of the Bill of Rights.  Government and the healthcare providers (including pharmaceutical houses) are making every attempt to get me to vote for universal healthcare by deceiving me into thinking that drugs and doctor visits will be cheaper and more readily available.  Wrong.  My healthcare would be better were I to be able to choose my doctors freely as I did in the 1950's and 1960's, without the red tape of Medicare.  We would all be better off without federalized healthcare and with a free market, competitive pharmaceutical house structure that called for competition rather than created collusion.

I, American, am being forced into a system to which I object so that the government can give more to illegal aliens than to its own retired citizens.

I, American, was lied to by my own government when told that Social Security was a trust, and it was insurance on which I and my employers paid the premium so that I could have a decent retirement.  Lies, all lies.

My nation has betrayed me. It has betrayed all "real Americans." 

It was a then-liberal president, John F. Kennedy, who said that a government that makes peaceful revolution impossible makes violent revolution inevitable.

I, American, know there is a need for a return to liberty and order.  And I am watching to see what occurs. 

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