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The Unconstitutionality of Gun Control

By Dorothy Anne Seese

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Go ahead and dig out the Bill of Rights. If you don't have one at your desk, it's easy to locate on the internet. Just as the First Amendment has been bent, twisted and contorted by judicial opinions unfit for the America of the Founders, so the Second Amendment has suffered like torture from judicial decisions and "opinions" from courts based on the bias of the judge rather than the plain letter of the law. This is what the Second Amendment says:

Article II. A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Notice that the emphasis or rationale for unfettered gun ownership is the security of a free state.  The Founders did not form a "more perfect union" in the sense of a conformed, welded and unseverable Union, but a unity of purpose where the states were the sovereign entities and the federal government was highly limited in its duties and powers.  All the Founders had to do to get a new "union" of unfettered central power was either continue as subjects of the Crown or make a new monarchy.  Instead, they framed a federal republic (which is not a democracy) and the intent was for each state to have the allegiance of its citizens.  We are called the "United States of America" because our forefathers agreed to unite as sovereign states with a common name, coinage, postal service, and certain executive and legislative powers enumerated in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the several successive amendments.  The concept of a strong central government was fostered and facilitated at the expense of over half a million lives during the war between the states.

Now if groups band together under a title "militia" they are immediately branded as insurrectionists, rebels, Nazis, skinheads, terrorists or some other fearsome title.  Yet what they do is fully constitutional unless they break some other law, which may also be unconstitutional.  That does not mean criminals are free to run loose in the streets.  Indeed, before this "gun control" flap initiated by the globalists and enemies of a Free America began to enforce its agenda, people were expected to own guns for the protection of themselves and their property.  Life and property were held as Values One and Two, respectively. In Arizona, once a wild west territory, it is now illegal to use lethal force to protect property, and difficult to use to save one's life. Arizona is now a disaster area of liberal thought and open borders, number one in violent crime.

Adv:  What does the government know about you?

The forces, governmental and non-governmental, that want to take away the guns of the citizens or "register" them are marching in lockstep with the forces that are taking away our right to use land freely, transferring it at will to "heritage lands" under the United Nations.  Did you, citizens, authorize the government to give our land to the UN?  No?  How did it happen?  It happened because most of what the federal government does has nothing to do with your rights under the Bill or Rights or our Constitution of free and sovereign states in a voluntary union as a nation.

Why this emphasis on guns?  Let me tell you from my email -- because this government has gone so far afield from the framework of the founders and the powers delegated to it by the Constitution that we are closer to being serfs that citizens and closer to being "citizens of the world" than citizens of our respective states!

That's unconstitutional, illegal, crosswise of the law of the land, and a damned conspiracy.  Then these schemers have the nerve to call those of us who expose them "conspiracy theorists."  No, we're "conspiracy revealers."

I am sympathetic with those who have lost children or other loved ones at the hands of killers.  However, the gun didn't decide to kill anyone, the killer did.  Australia has gone so far as to ban rocks as lethal weapons if carried by certain people in protests or in cases of aggravated assault.  Rocks?  Yes, anything can be used by one individual to kill another.  There were thousands of years of killing before the invention of guns.

The right of the individual to have a gun is not to be infringed.  That means, in our vernacular, that government has no business sticking its nose into our possession or non-possession of guns. Period.  All governments that want to oppress the citizenry grab their guns. How about "gun registration?"  Well that's infringement. Do you expect a Mafia or other gang member to line up and state their purpose for having one or more guns is to commit crimes?  No.  That's idiotic.  Only law-abiding citizens will put up with gun registration, and it's about time the citizens realized that what they are doing is abiding by unconstitutional laws that infringe on their rights. That is the road to totalitarianism.  And then there's the wimpy excuse "well, I'm not afraid to register my gun, I don't commit crimes."  Of course not.  No criminal registers his guns any more than he fills out an application to commit a crime.  Good grief, use some damned common sense, folks, and figure out what "gun control" is all about.  The problem in this nation is that the citizens take freedom for granted, and that is precisely why we have so little of it left to us.  Younger folks have no ability to remember when we had a free country, people my age and older recall a much freer one, and my grandparents recalled a much freer nation yet.  They were pioneers in Arizona Territory!

The use of technology to better the quality of life does not demand surrender of an equal amount of freedom, which is precisely the non-equation the government is trying to patch together.  That's about as idiotic as trying to explain the theory of relativity to Einstein, or how a light bulb works to Edison. 

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There is something in the way of "natural law" that can be awkwardly stated this way:  "When the government begins to fear the people, it invents good reasons to persuade the citizens that serfdom offers safety and security when the true objective is enslavement to the rulers."  Please do not quote me on that, work it into a better natural law and enunciate it in clearer and more concise terms.  It is immaterial who is credited with the words, the objective is to wake the people out of stupor and call on them to stop surrendering to the forces of evil power that have taken away the very freedom they are taking for granted.  I know people who actually believe our gold reserves are in Ft. Knox and that we're still on a hard currency standard.  Incredible?  Those same people have told me that we need to give up some of our freedoms for safety.

Yes, it is a temptation to slap the crap out of them.  Free people do not worry about safety and security, they are concerned with liberty.  That statement sank Barry Goldwater's presidential candidacy, people in 1964 had already become the sucklings of the nanny state and feared a return to personal responsibility.

Guns are instruments, neutral, they do not go on shooting rampages.  People do.  They use the guns for wrong purposes. The same is true of irresponsible drivers, corrupt officials, and drug dealers.  Drugs don't wander around looking for someone to sniff them or smoke them or inject them. People sell drugs to people willing to do these things.  The blame is always, always, always and forever on the people, not the objects they use. Get that straight, please.  Any other thinking is blame-shoving or responsibility-dodging.

People who fear God have little to fear from anything or anyone else.  People who do not fear God have good reason to fear just about everything, principally death.

However we all have a duty, implied by the Bill of Rights, to keep ourselves, our families and our nation free from oppressors.  It is the well-armed militias that will get that job done, organized or not. 

Any infringement of our right to keep and bear arms is a threat to our entire freedom.  This nation was born in revolution, and the leaders fear another one by the people who object to more severe oppression than old King George III ever dreamed of imposing.

Save the tea, throw the corrupt leaders into Boston Harbor.

Keep your guns, ammo and rights free from criminals, especially those in public office.






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