Government Healthcare, Die Young

By Dorothy Anne Seese

The most inefficient organization in the United States has been pinpointed for decades now as the federal government itself.  Why anyone would want a screwed up mess like the federal (or even the state) government to take over personal healthcare, which concerns your life now and for your duration on this earth, is a mystery beyond solving.  All the private eyes, public eyes, detectives on and off television, the CIA and the FBI combined, and Homeland Security could not come up with one good reason why people at large believe the government, which can't communicate with itself or the people, should have control of the health of the citizens of the United States.

No wonder Bush thinks the citizens need mental tests.  I thought he was being fascist, but perhaps he is merely being realistic.

The scenario is the pickup counter at my pharmacy.  The ladies next to me are shouting at the clerk that they did not approve of the generic prescription one of them uses being changed from one pill to another, which means from one pharmaceutical maker to another.  The clerk finally gave up and told the ladies to please call the insurance carrier to have it explained to them.

How, after all these years of explaining that people have now surrendered control of their health "care" to the insurers and the federal government (particularly in the case of Medicare), anyone can still believe we're in the 1960's and deal directly with our doctors and pharmacies without third party oversight is utterly perplexing.  For all that certain elements of government or candidates for office have done to promote national "healthcare" I do not recall any of them saying that the individual would retain control over anything concerning their health.  The people just took it for granted that universal healthcare is a free lunch.  They want to keep all their doctors, have all the tests they need, and select which prescriptions they will receive, generic or brand, and hand the bills over to be paid, no strings attached. That is some form of mental aberration for which neither party can be blamed (amazingly enough). 

When the government, or more properly the World Health Organization (the WHO), can influence huge restaurant chains to alter their menus to provide for "healthy" diets, like salads, as well as "unhealthy" diets like burgers, fries and malts, WHO is really pressuring the individual and the right of choice?  WHO is really pushing around America's food purveyors?  And WHO is backing large lawsuits and paying trial lawyers (those parasites who make fortunes off of human misery for giant fees) fantastic sums to carry out their agenda.  If they can't assail our eating habits directly by taxing our "unhealthy" foods (that will come later as it did with tobacco), then they go around the back door and sue the food purveyors, or back the lawsuits brought by folks who just did not understand that burgers and malts are fattening.  We all knew that forty years ago, before the great knowledge blackout, but we don't know it now? 

We have entered a new age of insanity on planet earth, particularly in the United States and other socialist nations that have convinced their populations that there really is a free lunch and good government health care.

As this is being typed, a long time friend is awaiting outpatient gallbladder surgery that caused her to increase her girth from large to size circus tent in something like five weeks, from the middle of April to the middle of May, and she has gone through several tests.  At last, having spotted something that makes it sound like gallbladder, now the doctor will do an outpatient surgery to remove an organ that is somehow involved but may not be the actual cause of her disorder.  Why?  Because conflicting test results show something is wrong, but full surgery is classified as "cosmetic" to reduce her size, without acknowledging that there is a serious underlying problem!

That is what happens when an insurance company manages healthcare under employee and dependent benefits.  Think what government red tape could do to make such a problem even more hazardous and less qualified for any type of treatment.

When government and insurance companies got into healthcare, our standards of care went down, the prices went to Saturn and the great stupid Americans can't seem to figure out that we were better off with the old doctor and patient system, and the local pharmacist. 

To sane people, simpler is better; to governmentalists, complex is better.

One retired surgeon I know quit because he could not practice medicine without first practicing good relations with the insurance companies.  He reached age sixty and washed his hands of more than thirty years of being a highly skilled physician and surgeon.  We have discussed this face to face.  The retired surgeon is a distant relative of mine, sane enough not to live in Arizona.

Of course just a third party insurer system is not complex enough, so the American people are being told that universal healthcare is a "right" and ... as we all know ... modern-day government claims that rights are not inalienable rights granted by God but retractable, fluctuating rights bestowed by the government and their friends, the insurers.  Insurance companies only stand to add more layers of bureaucracy between patient and doctor, yet the public is fooled (somehow) into thinking this whole program is just a free ride, no tax increases, no problem selecting doctors, no difficulty obtaining the proper medications, just a pollyanna program with all the bills paid.  And you've seen how many of these free-for-all programs succeed?  Well, for illegal aliens they seem to work fairly well, but not for American citizens.

Perhaps the Muslim radicals have decided that our insanity rather than our alleged freedom is sufficient cause to kill us all.  One netfriend suggested this to me and it would be hilarious if it weren't tragic.

When I was born in 1935 there was no health insurance. Doctors weren't rich. Yet people went to the doctor about one-twentieth as much as they do now.  We believed in self-care, but with a really high fever or really bad pain, people went to the doctor.  Considering the number of people my age and a lot older living in this nation, the system must have worked.  It takes the government to screw up a system that's working by telling the people they need more and more, at higher and higher costs, until only the government can afford to pay the bills, then they don't pay them.

If depopulation is the goal, government control of healthcare will be extremely successful.

Those who really need treatment might be able to go to Mexico, provided it isn't annexed by the US, or vice versa.

Whichever way healthcare goes, it won't benefit the people who think it will.

Now is the time to have the burger and malt, then light up a Camel, because you can't kill yourself by what used to be normal living as fast as the government can kill you with bad doctors, bad insurance, bad medicine, bad policies and nonexistent good intentions.

Try them and see.

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