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Islam: The World's Most Dangerous Ideology

By Dorothy Anne Seese

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The nation of Israel is a nearly sixty year old sore spot in the present-day Middle East, it costs American taxpayers a lot of money to support (billions per year), it's the focus of dispensational Christian theology, but ... Israel can take care of itself.  Really.  All the US has to do is say "sic 'em" and walk away.

The US has a major problem with its role in the present world conflict because it has a religious underpinning in Islamic theology that has again reared its head.  The Ottoman Empire was not defeated in 1918, at the end of World War I.  The Arab/Islamic nations simply split up, some being created by Britain and/or the useless League of Nations (predecessor to the useless United Nations) and went on being Islamic nations, Arab or not. The most secularized nation of the former Ottoman Empire, Turkey, underwent massive transitions toward westernization under Ataturk, but Islam is still the primary religion of the people even though Turkey has no state religion.  Turkish people are not Arabic in ethnicity, although they have a significant Arab population with a growing pro-Islamic population.


As to the balance of the Middle East, including and focusing on times with the holy cities of Islam Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, Islam is the national religion.  But Islamic peoples aren't staying at home.

The migration of the Muslims into England, Ireland, France, Germany and other European nations, including the territory in Spain once occupied by the Moors of North Africa (Islamic people), and into nations in the Western Hemisphere (primarily the United States) the world has an enormous problem with an idelology/religion of conquest and conversion at sword's point.

When the American press speaks of the Arab nations, they are careful to avoid the religious implications lest the jihad or holy war become exposed for what it really is:  a worldwide movement by Islam to migrate, settle, acquire wealth and power by numbers, and procede with the Islamic agenda of world domination.  "Islamic radicals" is the term used to differentiate actively terrorist Islamics from those who are not yet active. 

This just isn't being given the press it deserves because America and Europe are in the "do not offend" mode of classic national stupidity which arrests all preventative action until eventually peaceful resolution is no longer possible and bloodshed occurs.  To Islam, the West represents the focus and home base of Christianity regardless of where it was really birthed, in the Middle East.  It was in the West that Christianity grew, and both Judaism and Christianity are to Islam mortal enemies to be eradicated.

The US has done its best to appease the Islamics, which includes allowing them to migrate into the US as students or tourists and simply become a part of the population.  In any jihad, it is clear that the Islamic beliefs will dominate any alternative course of action on the part of the Muslim population, like neutrality, which would be treason to the cause of Allah.

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For the life of me I cannot understand the US policy that I've viewed since the last days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt through the Truman administration and on into the present day, consisting of no-win partial war and grand appeasement of our enemies.  To me, the United States is a sovereign nation and can alter its immigration laws as it pleases.  Apparently it pleases the leadership of the US to ignore the world ambitions of Islam, since Arab nations sit on the world's major source of oil.  If another nation did that, our media would accuse them of selling out their country for profit.  A few American writers have expressed that opinion, but fairly quietly.

Islam as a threat to the world around it is over 1400 years old, dating back to the seventh century A.D.  By the year 1,000 A.D. the advanced Persian civilization, with medicine, astronomy, advanced mathematics, literature and other marks of civilization was plunged back into the darkest of dark ages by the advance of Islam.  Even Omar Khayyam had to flee to Samarkand to avoid the Assassins, which name has been transliterated into the English language.  Its origin is in Islam, the name being assigned to hit squads of Muslim "radicals" who carried out a religious contract against any opposition leader or popular figure.

Whether the United States maintains its secular status as a free society for all religious beliefs, which is the sum of the First Amendment religion clause, Islam is not a party to any treaty with either secular or religious nations. It has one doctrine:  conquer for Allah.  If the American leadership believes it has a bunch of Ataturk clones in the present-day Arab dictators or warlords, it is dead wrong and many Americans are dead in wars with these folks who are so peaceful.

Americans insist on producing and using conventional weapons of warfare, a useless and bloody way to fight an ideology.  The early Christians grew under intense persecution, that's the way ideologies are.  National wars are fought with conventional weaponry, nation against nation until one surrenders.  That is not the course of ideological warfare.

This is not a diatribe designed to spawn hatred of any religion, it is merely an analysis of the times, trends and events that are affecting all our lives and the factors of which the world and the United States must be wary in order to be able to protect what few freedoms we have left (compared to the freedoms our forefathers enjoyed prior to World War I).  Americans are notoriously ill-informed when it comes to the various threats to its people and its national security, finding enemies where there is little proof that they exist as such, and not finding enemies in nations or in ideologies that are capable of bringing down our nation and killing millions of our people.

Call it terrorism if you like, certainly the basis of Islam fits the description of terrorism but not every Muslim subscribes to volunteering as a terrorist.  At least not willingly.  So far, all the terrorists have been Islamic, that doesn't mean they always will be. Nor does the fact that many Muslims are peaceful neighbors mean they always will be.  Right now, Islam is still the world's most dangerous ideology.  Europeans and Americans need to recognize that publicly and begin to unwind the coils of Islam present in the various Western world's countries. Otherwise, the growth and spread of Islam will continue until it is the world's dominant force.  Personally, I think it will be contained prior to that time, but that may only be wishful thinking.











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