The Power of Women
For good or evil

By Dorothy Anne Seese

The fact that women have allowed the media to influence them into becoming the late 20th and early 21st century "victim class of the world" doesn't mean improvement in their influence on the well-being of the earth, in fact, quite the opposite.  In a few nations (which is really a private religious affair) women have been subjugated by eighth century cultures with a brutal religious view of females.  Whether their "liberation" among violent men will bring a semblance of peace to such fanatic believers with suitcase nukes in their camelbags is questionable.  It has only been where formerly civilized Greek, Roman and western culture prevailed that women have exercised great influence without masculinity before being conned into becoming the newest class of humanoids on the planet, female males or lesbians, "straights" with a power complex, and contributors to the breakdown of the nuclear home and the rise of the new world order or global governance.

And yes, "Dorothy" is a female name, belonging to a "straight" female with nothing more to offer than another analysis of times, trends and events, focusing the lens now on this generation of women and what they have done to our world in which I am a combatant for the traditional family and the Christian faith.  For the WW II era in which I grew up and the 1950's in which I was a student and young woman, we had an unfair discrimination against women with talent.  What I wanted (and did not get) was a short career as a journalist and a long career as a wife and mother, perhaps returning to journalism after the children were of age.  Never did I believe in trying to balance a full-time career and its multiple demands with being a full-time homemaker.  It was and is my belief that a woman who chooses to marry and have children sacrifices her personal career objectives and subordinates them to the family unit until the children have left for college or are otherwise on their own. If she has the talent and opportunity to make a home business (writer, cosmetic lady, crafts expert) then she has every right to use these talents at home as long as the house is clean, the husband and children are fed in a healthy and timely fashion, and her eyes are everywhere on the whereabouts of the children and their companions.

The abomination of "self" and total sexual freedom for women is a national disgrace and has pulled down the status of the female from the respected and protected lady to the world-class slut.

American white males have been attacked by the anti-American movement and battered beyond recognition. The television industry has made them the buffoons of the entertainment world, replacing men like Gary Cooper and Spencer Tracy with effeminate looking males I will leave unnamed.  Frankly, I don't know most of their names.

In the meantime, women measure their self-esteem and status in the world by how far they can get away from the homemaker image and to what extent they succeed at former male occupations, enjoying the perverse activity of competing with men and crushing them into power beneath various width high heels.  At the same time, the covers of women's magazines contaminate the grocery checkout counters with articles on sex, more sex, better sex, and partially dressed females with provocative looks.

Now which is it?  Do you want to be loose, promiscuous women or power-hungry masculine old broads? Both? What a wonderful example to a nation that is always rambling insanely about stuff "for the children."  What the children need is mothers at home, not executives who leave a photo at home so they will recognize her. What the children need is mothers who will investigate what is going on in the schools, what the children are being taught by the federalized education system, and if they want a "sisterhood" then let it be a sisterhood of homemakers who are going to kick the government out of their homes and schools so that parents can control the children, not the feds.  Women need to stop downing the homemakers who elect to stay home with their children and the media needs a message from red-blooded American homemaking moms that they either clean up their act or the television will be tuned to the weather channel until there is something else fit to watch!

There are always exceptions to every rule. There is the abandoned or widowed woman who has to work, or the wife of a disabled husband.  I've seen the children of such women grow up to be fine citizens, but it was because the mindset of the mother was that of a homemaker forced to take on extra duties, not a career woman saddled with some daycare kids and no granny to care for them.  Women who do have to work deserve the same rate of pay that such a company would give a man, because the company is deriving the same benefit. To subtract from a woman's salary based on gender is cheap and demeaning, a giveaway as to the character (or lack of it) of the company itself.  It isn't good business, it is bad citizenship.

American women have contributed greatly to the decline of American morality and strength of character.  Where self comes before children, the woman is a female breeder rather than a true mother.  This government has encouraged such "welfare/workfare" mothers whose offspring have various fathers and no nuclear home or solid male influence.  Sports figures used to be role models for growing boys, now they are purveyors of trash talk and guttersnipe morality in all too many cases.  One wonders whether coaches have no more interest in "the good of the children" than does the government -- or maybe it's just the front office wanting the top players regardless of their jail records and vile mouths.

Maybe we need some sports wives to intervene for the sake of the children, the true sake of the children rather than the government's propaganda version.

If we really want to see the power of women, take a look at the political scene and weep at the power being used for evil.  The women's vote goes to the candidates who will support women's "liberation" including continued abortion on demand, sexual freedom and even same-sex marriages along with subsidizing anti-homemaking indoctrination and career orientation.  And male-bashing.

Go back to the founding of this nation by strong men of wisdom and vision, and you will also find women of strong character and dedication to husband, home and children.  That nation was the America so many of us wish we could have now.

Then look at what the government-subsidized educational systems and feminist movements have produced, a trashed nation of prominent lesbians,  famous, semi-dressed trollops and television too vile to watch.

Women have always had power. When they used it for the good of the home and family we had a strong and free nation. Now we are enslaved by a government pleasing to female beings like Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and J-Lo. 

Do you judge a tree by its fruit?

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