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Rocks as Lethal Weapons
And other insanity

By Dorothy Anne Seese

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Since the world has engaged itself in forms of insanity of epic proportions, let me be the first to announce that a great earthquake will open up a hole in the ocean and half the water in the Pacific will run down the newly opened drain, disrupting the earth's water cycle and uncovering new lands to conquer.

That makes every bit as much sense as Australia's government having declared rocks as lethal weapons.  Do you know how many rocks there are in the world?  Or even in Australia?  If all the weapons of mass destruction were ever "massive" in quantity and availability, then it has to be rocks.  Maybe "rock" music will be banned as a weapon of mass destruction?  Or should that have happened thirty years ago in the Age of Aquarius?  Was "rock music" a code name for the beginning of Armageddon or merely the end of civilization?


What the people want they don't get, or don't want it after they get it.  For instance, America wanted to be a progressive nation, but progress has exceeded man's ability to properly use it, and now we have a "liberal" nation in which the richest liars win offices where integrity is needed, the victims rule the majority, and our armed forces are used to protect foreigners who don't need us while our own people aren't allowed to defend our borders when the military is busy elsewhere.

The federal budget is so large no one understands it except the budget office computer and it doesn't care. If a few billion taxpayer dollars are lost, it is a small news item. If someone flies the Confederate Flag in Trainstop, Georgia, it's a federal offense and some "victim" leader will take it to the highest court in the state and the media will give it more attention than Pearl Harbor.

We aren't exactly sure how many illegal aliens reside in the US because they are undocumented workers or guests, not illegal aliens even though that is how law enforcement describes them because they are not American, and they entered the country illegally.  But if the public, the media or a government agency describes them in that fashion, then the special interest groups (in the case of our southern border, all the relatives of some illegal alien who is related to an entire country) come flaming forth with torches and firebrands, and start riots because they are victims.  If you or I did that we would be guilty of a number of charges, but the people who are certified victims can get by with it and are encouraged to do so by their unseen mentors.

There is a fine line among the rich, understood only by themselves, as to who is under the rule of law and who is above the rules they make.  I'm another one of those who believes Martha Stewart's conviction should be overturned on appeal, not because I like the old bat but because I believe in equality under the law, that old 1776 notion on which this nation was founded.  If she wasn't guilty of securities fraud, then anything she said to anyone should be moot because it is now irrelevant to anything, since that key charge was dismissed.  If she had been any other ethnicity than white, she would have gotten off scott free, but she was born the wrong color.  Her cooking program is a bore, the food channel is overstuffed with cooks, all of whom begin with knives sharpened to mass destruction status just to slice an onion and smash a pod of garlic.  But we need Martha's vindication to ensure our own rights under the laws of the land.  She is guilty however, of being rich and having made it largely on her own.  So while women are crying "victim" and trying to be the best men ever, Martha went out and became a zillionaire being ...<gasp> ... a HOMEMAKING maven.  What a putdown to the women's movement that places them on the front lines of combat zones.  Maybe Martha is guilty after all ... of believing that women should be women, a house can be a home and proving that the feminine touch is still appreciated by a wide audience.

On the other side of the world, Israel, which could have put that Hamas leader out of this world quietly and in disguise as Greek dissidents, makes a Spielberg production out of blowing the old cleric and a few bodyguards and bystanders to bits as a public display of Israel's military strength.  Probably got the idea from the United States taking ten times the forces Patton used to drive Rommel out of North Africa in 1943 just to invade the nation of Iraq, which had no functional military. But it made news.  It made us a force to be reckoned with by any nation that has no military power and a hilarious spectacle to the nations that can fight ... like China.

Meanwhile, back on the rest of planet earth, the victims are taking over the world of the free while the real victims receive no aid, white genocide is occurring in Africa and and the white majority is being displaced in North America, it's homeland for over 200 years.

Politicians have politicized God and use His name for convenience at the very same time the larger denominations and mega-churches are liberalizing their theology to agree with the politics of moral dismemberment.  Too many churches have opened their doors so the congregation can go join the world rather than evangelize it. And the world has come in through the open doors, not to be evangelized but to adulterate the faith once delivered.  In most cases, people think this is progress.  Of course that all depends on the desired destination.

All dictionaries should be revised to state the following:  integrity:  (obs)  a term once used to describe a mythical human virtue.  Present usage limited to political rhetoric and mythology.  [Note: any politically incorrect  attempt to exercise this virtue may result in misdemeanor or felony charges by the govt.]

What is so amusing about a world gone nuts is that it believes (as do all psychotics) that there is nothing wrong with the direction in which it is going:  globalism.  This nation is being led by both parties and whoever is in power behind the scenes into the same globalism most of us would like to see stopped while we still have some semblance of a sovereign nation. Even if group after group petitions for redress, they are ignored.  The vox populus is not silent, it is merely silenced by selective media reporting and ignored by the so-called "representatives" who do as they are told. The Roman Senate once represented Rome, then someone grabbed the power, became emperor and told the Roman Senate what to do.  Any resemblance to current conditions is purely intentional.

If you don't have a religious conviction you are a heathen, but if your religious conviction is Bible-based Christianity you are labeled a right-wing conspirator (which conspiracy is always unnamed) and you go into court and take your oath on the Bible to testify that Christians are goofballs.

No nation made up of various cultures will be without strife. Only a homogeneous country of people with like ethnicities, religious beliefs and socio-political convictions can live under a Constitution such as that drafted for the United States, which is why it is being burned in Court by decisions and opinions as surely as our flag is being burned by radical Islamists. 

The only religion accepted around the world (except by Islam) is a vague, personal spirituality that demands nothing, promises nothing and has an adjustable god to fit all beliefs.  To the present world, Christianity is an outmoded belief system with a few remaining adherents but without any reckoning power in present affairs.

Christianity's women largely left the faith once delivered and joined the "spirituality" movement that helped tear down the true Christian church. Only a world where women demand respect but not masculinity will keep homes together and marriage a clear and distinct union of one woman and one man.  Any breach in that wall will ultimately destroy marriage. Yet at the same time the special interest groups are fighting against marriage, the public has "voted" for it according to the pollsters.  Let's take it to a national vote so Congress and the Administration have something with which to reckon.  No one asked these deviant people to do other than keep quiet about their perversions and don't try to force them on others or charge "straights" with homophobia.

Our nation is obscessed with death and violence on the once-silver screen and its miniature sibling, the television set.  But we don't want death in our homes, much less violence.  We're just not sure under what conditions we can protect ourselves because we haven't been given "victim" status when assailed by wanton killers, in parking lots or in our yards or anywhere else.  In Australia, people cannot even carry rocks with which to defend themselves.  It's the outlaws who have the hardware (guns) and everyone knows outlaws can always get guns.  The leadership that wants to outlaw guns has secret service protection and those SS agents carry guns. It's just the average people who are allowed to be destroyed at will, in war or in peacetime.  Of course peace is a relative term.

With peace movements everywhere and uprisings around the world, there seems to be some misunderstanding about which way the world is going.  It's going to Hell but the route hasn't been fully mapped.

That's nuts.








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