Why I Hate Politics
And why I write about them

By Dorothy Anne Seese

This is the answer to a question from those who know me personally.  If I hate politics, and I do, then why do I continue to write about world and national political affairs?  Very simply, I am an observer of times, trends and events, so writing about politics is inescapable.  I wish it weren't.  Second, I do write about other subjects, including nostalgia (the way America used to be), the way occultism has taken root and is spreading worldwide, and also my Christian faith.  In fact, I have written a Christian devotional book that is presently in ebook form and will go paperback some time in 2004.

But politics is news, news is reflective of what is going on in the world even if it is spun into cotton candy, and political figures control the world in which we live our short lives.

If there is one subject more popular than politics, it is divination or seeking to know the future and what is going to happen.  That is part of the occultism that has captivated so much of the western world and has always been a part of eastern culture and religion.  Man's insatiable curiosity about the future drives him to seek out soothsayers, fortune tellers and all manner of charlatans who claim to be able to predict the future. So far, they have been of little use other than to disseminate more disinformation than we already get, and their very existence is an abomination to the God of the Bible. However, when people lack faith, they turn to the occult or to an empty fatalism, que sera, sera.

College students in the mid-50's had this weird idea that they could change the world for the better, and when I left UCLA with a rolled up sheet of fancy paper in my hand, it was indeed my intention to do something of note, perhaps even win a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize for Peace.  (We were really green in the mid 50's, but we were nicer folks than what America is producing today.)  Thus in 1957 when I took my first real job (having done some temporary work at various places, but never breaking into journalism) and began training as a business systems analyst, I had to start from ground zero.  Almost everything I had learned was either theoretical or useless.  It didn't dawn on me for several years that I was also a victim of discrimination against women in certain fields of employment.  This yokel from the small town of Los Angeles, with a degree from UCLA, really believed in "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

My instructor/manager in business systems analysis taught me a few valuable things.  First, for everything that doesn't make sense, there is a "good" reason -- the one people are told -- and the "real" reason, the one that managers keep hidden even from their spouses.  I was also told that the rich live and the poor die, something I considered the epitome of cynicism for an American.  However, through the years that have seen homelessness increase, the elderly and children do without food and medicine, the growth of certain monopolies and the government dismantling of others, I've learned that indeed the rich live (for awhile) and then die like the poor, but when the poor die, the world feels it is well rid of the useless feeders.

My very existence during the years 1957-1972 as a female systems analyst made me a curiosity of sorts. Only defense contractors would hire me, at least until 1968 when I was hired by the first commercial business in my career.  Things were beginning to open up for women just a bit in the career field, but by the time almost any position was within reach, I was overage.  The programmer swallowed my systems career in 1972 and for the next 25 years I worked in the legal field, a total misfit.

In October of 1992, without a computer except at work, I began using my lunch hour once a week to write an article.  This continued past my disability retirement in 1997 when I bought a computer, and in 1999 I took my writing internet. The reason for my starting to write, after many years of non-writing other than trade stuff, was "Hillarycare" or socialized medicine.  I really wanted to see Hillary's socialized medicine plan defeated.  In fact, I wanted both George Bush the Elder and Bill Clinton defeated.  Ross Perot had backed out but somehow, somewhere, I felt (even as late as 1992) that Americans still could have a voice in their government. Wrong.

The internet gave me resources, access to the foreign press, access to writers who are totally anathema to the major media and its agenda.  As an observer of times, trends and events, I had struck the mother lode on the internet.  Major media sites, independent conservative sites, even whack radical sites, there's a world of information and disinformation out there.  The more I read about politics, the more I began to detest it. During my working years, I'd seen "office politics" and tried to avoid them like a pox. All I wanted was to put in my hours, do the best job possible, and drive home to eat and rest, preferably knitting or doing some other form of needlework.  I'd forgotten about writing until 1992.

It didn't take long, once I began to study the Bible in 1969, to discover that the entire history of man on earth has been war and bloodshed.  People talk peace, but they do little to achieve it other than on their own terms. Rulers are generally tyrannical in nature and paranoid, perhaps justifiably so, since the study of ancient empires reveals that sons killed their fathers and then each other to gain access to the throne.  King for how long?  Generally life, no matter how it might be shortened by malcontents with malice in mind.

As far back as a conqueror the Bible calls Nimrod, there has been bloodshed, war and oppression.  Rather than getting better at achieving peace, the political rulers of this world have become more adept at using high technology to obliterate more people with one strike.  And for what?  Any reason the public will buy, even if it's shifted in midstream from a canoe to a jet ski.

Politics is the art of lying enough to rally the people to die for their country, and kill those who are willing to die defending theirs.  It is the art of deceit carried out in massive proportions and at massive costs that the people are taxed to pay.

In short, government and its history has been the story of war, bloodshed, and deception.  People who are peaceful enough will find a nut case among them who wants to be head honcho and off to war we go. First, the war is a political war to gain access to the national leadership, and then against the neighboring nations. Government employees have long been a joke (although I have known a few who thanklessly worked hard) and government programs were called the "closest thing to immortality" known on earth.  That may apply to the US, but probably to all western nations.  The eastern potentates don't think the people deserve anything, and above all freedom.  Now, courtesy of the new world order or Global Governance advocates, east and west have met.

It is much more enjoyable to write a devotional.  In fact, in July of 2002 I wrote my great farewell to politics, fully intending never to touch the subject with a keyboard again.  Then I found out I could not be an observer of times, trends and events without involving myself in the political quagmires of the world. Even in writing a devotional book, there were time-outs for doing an article on some political matter.

Maybe I am compulsive/obsessive about the work of writing even though most of it is preaching to the choir and no one of any import in our political hierarchy ever reads my work. In a way that is too bad, because rather than being one of those who has an agenda to carry out, all I am seeking is to accurately chronicle my times, the trends and events taking place, and above all and perhaps apart from all,


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