Save Us From Gen. Wesley Clark
The wishy-washy General of Waco

By Dorothy Anne Seese

For the most part, all liberals (Democrat, Republican and Green) are a reprehensible bunch to those of us who value safe borders, the rule of law, the founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  We're the real conservatives and we have nothing in common with the "neocons" wearing the elephant or the Marxist pimps wearing the donkey (an insult to a fine work animal).

But General Wesley Clark hasn't even bothered to change his voter registration in Pulaski County, Arkansas, according to a report filed in Business Week on October 1, 2003.  His campaign is two weeks old, and he's been "too busy" to bother with details like re-registering from an independent to a Democrat.  Good old wishy-washy General Clark, too busy calculating the support and cash he can garner from Hollyweird and how many "undecideds" he can woo to formally register with the Democratic Party.

That fits General Clark to a tee.

Few generals if any have made good presidents.  In 1952 General Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president and remained in the Oval Office through two terms in which the United States somehow overlooked the USSR's space race until the surprise launch of Sputnik in 1957.  All that "shock and awe" over Sputnik, and in spite of the fact that Ike had John Foster Dulles running around the world establishing a basis for the present-day globalism.

General Clark hasn't even been a respected general among his colleagues, according to press statements made by General Hugh Shelton -- who said he will not vote for Clark. But Sir Wesley is from Arkansas and he does enjoy the backing of the famous Arkansas travelers, Bill and Hill Clinton.  Figures.  In fact, it figures a little too well when one looks at George W. Bush's growing vulnerability and Hillary's desire for a "sure thing election" if she decides to run in 2008 or accepts a vice-presidential spot with Clark on the 2004 ticket.

Carpetbaggers, the whole lot.  It makes one want to run the Confederate battle flag up the pole and see who salutes, because Wesley Clark is in favor of everything that has made the Democratic Party repulsive, a thing with no resemblance even to that Pendergast puppet Truman's donkey party.

The connection between Clark and Waco has been popping out in various places.  It seems he may not have been on site, but fully informed and cooperating to the fullest with the Clinton-Reno Napalm team that incinerated American citizens and their children for merely exercising weird religious beliefs.

So David Koresh was a weird character?  If we shoot or incinerate weird characters for weird beliefs, then Hollywood better order a whole lot of fireproofing for the entire area, because they are, by and large, extremely weird.  Which is probably why Hollyweird support for General Clark is mounting (no matter he doesn't tend to details or legal matters in a timely fashion).

It really appears that I'm going to have to write in my own name on the ballot, but not because I want to be president.  My health wouldn't take that high-stress job and my viewpoints would get me shot.  All I want to do is write in my own name as my statement that I cannot support either candidate.  And that's where things stand and will stand, unless a third party comes up with a dark-horse, charismatic constitutionalist between now and Election 2004.

I'd really enjoy seeing all protesting Americans who are sick of the same old cabals in Washington, D.C. write in their own names for president and create a constitutional crisis.  Heaven knows we need one!  Someone would have to dust off the old frayed document (or a lawbook copy) and find out what this nation is all about.  It isn't a nanny state; it isn't an affirmative action country; it isn't an open-borders "citizen of the world" nation.

Well, it wasn't until the Bush I reign and then the Clinton era made Lyndon B. Johnson's socialist dream a reality and gave us a nation divided.

To find out what this nation really is all about, one needs to read the Declaration of Independence and then the Constitution.

The problem is, federalized education has taught that reading is a nonessential and government has told the media what the nation is all about so that the majority of people believe more in Tom Brokaw than in Thomas Jefferson.  Most schoolkids today probably do not know who Thomas Jefferson was!

Now we have General Wesley Clark to deal with as a prospective presidential candidate.

Another liar, another hypocrite, another Clintoon puppet, a callous man after Hillary's own heart, and probably Bubba's too as long as they don't want the same woman at the same time.  Oh, I didn't ask about General Clark's sexual orientation. Well, being an analyst of times, trends and events, I don't hob-nob the way reporters for the print press do.  Really it doesn't matter, both open liberals and neocons support the gay agenda.

I'm interested in seeing what media spin will do for General Clark (and the ubiquitous Clintons) in his campaign for president, and whether he changes his voter registration.  After all, there are some details even a retired general has to do to stay within the law -- as if that mattered a bit since Clinton's administration.

Welcome to Amerika, General Clark.  My kind, constitutional-Americans, want it spelled with a "c" again.

You don't cut it any which way it's set to be sliced!

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