The Two Party System Stinks
By Dorothy Anne Seese

There are some things in which I strongly believe.

First, our two-party system is a farce, one party with two faces.  By today's standards of "Republican" and "Democrat" or liberal and conservative, John F. Kennedy would have been a conservative and Barry Goldwater would have been a right-wing fanatic.  Our present charade of two parties fools a lot of people who listen to the differences (few as they are) and then live by the credo of their chosen party as it existed forty years ago.

It only takes some repetition, which the managed media gladly offers to either major party, but not to third parties, to convince the majority of the people that Democrats still represent the interests of the working person and Republicans still represent the interests of big capital.

Anyone who thinks big capital, as represented by the large corporate conglomerates, is beholden to and dependent upon the Republican party better buy some ocean-front property in Arizona before it's all gone.  And those who think the Enrons and WorldComs are the only crooked corporations don't understand the situation ... they were crooked and got caught cooking books full of hot air.  The corporations with the real money, and the giant foundations with the real world manipulators at the helm, could care less which party is in power or whether the Social Security "trust fund" myth is bankrupt.  They could even care less about Enron or WorldCom, because their interests are in oil, water, turf, drugs, and the creation of a "sustainable earth" ... and either party will give US support to their goals.

Their agenda is global governance and to that end, either of the major parties will serve their purpose well.  Average American voters simply live in the parties of the 40's like I watch movies of that era.  The difference is, I understand that I am not living in the era that I watch on the video screen, although I did live in it then.  Party devotees apparently do not.

What's worse, when the Ninth Circuit got ahead of the game by an idiot decision that was guaranteed to put the nation up in arms, the entire administration and Congress got on the bandwagon and acted like leaders of the people rather than pimps for the new world order, grabbing every photo-op available with their hands over their chests, toward the left, where the blood-pump is located.  Democrats and Republicans alike expressed their allegiance to our "one nation under God" and then blithely went about the business of federalizing more of America and robbing more Americans of the freedoms of which they are so proud.

People who have never been free do not understand the difference between limited, government-granted license and true freedom.  We've seen that occur in "liberated" nations that quickly fall back into dictatorships.  It is occurring here because Americans under forty largely have never been given the opportunity to live in an America that was as free as it was in the years prior to 1965-75 when the avalanche began.  It takes some work and some study to understand what America was like when its subversion was slow and sub rosa.

I wish Americans would see that it is time to pitch the two-party system and unite behind the minority party of their choice, whether it's Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Socialist, Reform, or Goofball!  At least we would know where these folks stand ... the R and the D do not really give us a clue in these times of confusion and mixed messages.

Second, we need Americans who will insist on taking back the government that is constitutionally theirs.  The people have "let the bedbugs out" to run not only the White House, but Congress.  Yes, it's a huge responsibility to run a government the size of ours over a nation the size of ours, and the size of both needs to be reduced, beginning with kicking out, not legalizing, those who have illegally entered.  I don't want to hear about American compassion and then listen to the wailing and moaning over the Twin Towers and the rest of post-911 America.  Either we take our country and defend our borders, or shut up about believing in our national sovereignty.  The system worked well for 200 of our 226-year history as a nation, and all of a sudden it won't work now?  The only reason it won't work is that the government in power doesn't want it to work!  They want a diluted, diverse population, much of which has no allegiance to America or its roots.  That way, many won't care what happens to America like those of us with deep roots here.  Notice also, please, that our compassion doesn't appear to extend to the genocide of the Afrikaners and other people of European descent in Africa.  If we're going to let in a persecuted people, let's get visas for those people before the Marxist African National Congress (ANC) annihilates more of them ... men, women, children, if they look alive, they die, often horribly and brutally.  Most Americans don't even realize what's going on in Africa, or if they do, they don't express themselves on the subject.

Third, something needs to wake up the people of America, most of them are delusional and believe they are still free, in spite of all the laws, rules, regulations, mandates and edicts coming out of Washington, D.C.  They have been more than willing to surrender their freedom for "security" when they should have been demanding that the US pull out of foreign nations, stop international meddling and nation-building, and let the rest of the world fight its own battles.  If we wish to help someone, let us help the Afrikaners.  We quietly ignore the genocide in Africa, our media makes headlines of every suicide bombing in Israel, yet we funnel billions of dollars into Arab nations, possibly to garner support for a vendetta against Iraq.  This doesn't make sense?  Well, to rational minds, no.  But to globalists with global financial interests, it makes perfectly good sense, and it is right in line with their agenda!

We have become the world's greatest blathering supermouth power, bar none. As
to military might, we are possibly back up to mediocre after some rebuilding from the feminized military.  As to true courage and commitment, we are a nation of comfort-zone wusses who are raising idiot children on federal funds dedicated to making body-piercings socially acceptable.

No, I am not "anti-American."  Don't try to hang the label "anti-government" on me either.  It is because I love the country in which I was born that I detest what is happening to it.  Disliking the actions of government doesn't make me "anti-government" but in strong disagreement with government policy.  That is my constitutional right, as well as the right of free speech to express such sentiments.  When I must speak only what the government approves, then indeed the last vestige of freedom has been stripped from the people.

There is nothing in our founding documents that says we must be a two-party nation, either Democrat or Republican.  When such labels become meaningless to identify what a person really believes, then it is time to chuck the labels and the parties and get to where we can once again stand up and identify.

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