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Our Waterloo?
Whiney women in the military

By Dorothy Anne Seese


With the United Nations attempting to take away America's constitutional rights, and in particular our second amendment right to bear arms, the last thing this country needs is a military full of whiney "wimmen marines."

During World War II and subsequent conflicts, women have been involved in the military, but only since the Clinton era have women in the military been permitted to join and whine, watering down the strength of our fighting forces and filing protests about the rigors of combat.

Ladies, maybe you should revive the WACS of World War II?

Whether these gals have some notion that a five-foot-five Private Benjamin is going to get a chance to be this millennium's version of Audie Murphy, or merely that the military is a good way to have veteran's lifetime benefits in exchange for two to four years of service, who knows why they want to fight?  Maybe they just watched too many episodes of Xena and felt the urge to surge into combat and slug it out with the guys.

Or perhaps the hi-tech sci-fi age has them dreaming of commanding some battlestar, like the female commander of Star Trek .... Voyager?  Whatever.  She didn't last very long and neither will these would-be fighting women who join the military and then cry to the Pentagon.  Well, either they won't last long or our armed forces won't last long.

Women commanded a lot more respect from men and their children when they behaved like women.  We had a standard for women that included tradition, respect and morality.  All that seems to have gotten torched at the same stake with the burning bras.  Now we have "wimmen" screaming all over for equality whether it's good for the nation or not.  And in the case of the military, it isn't good to have our fighting forces hamstrung and demoralized because some females wanted to be soldiers in a television-drama war where the blood isn't real and the noise isn't all that loud.

This in no way infers that all men are carbon copies of "Braveheart" or Mel Gibson.  A lot of men have flunked out over the years when it comes to having the strength or stomach for war.  They just didn't write to the Pentagon bawling about it and trying to get the standards lowered.  They didn't dare.

Only women could invent a system where being equal means bringing the standards down to where they can meet them and calling it "equality."  Ladies, we thought you wanted equality, and that isn't equality.  That's privilege any way you twist your lace hanky.

Women have made great contributions all throughout history.  Few have made contributions to the military.  Fighting battles has, as a norm, been the job of the men.  Women attended to the support roles.  Yes, there are exceptions.  One that comes to mind immediately is Deborah in the Bible.  But she led a battle.  She didn't make a career out of the military.

It seems like this would be a good time to get back to the basics, and I don't mean basic training or boot camp.  Women and men were created with different bodies and different basic traits for a reason. The original "division of labor and specialization" was instituted in the home, and it is the home that's been torn asunder by women's so-called liberation.  Didn't the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution abolish slavery?  Women wanted to be liberated from what?  Being females? Being "just housewives?"  Perhaps they just wanted to be liberated from traditional morality, and that much they have achieved on a major scale.

If a woman decides she wants to be equal to the men, she has to take it on the terms already established for her chosen profession or occupation.  Otherwise, equality is an empty word and a hollow victory for the females, and a slap in the face to the men who need to get the job done.  It may not hurt in some occupations, but the military isn't the place to be experimenting with how inferior the males have to be to accommodate women's ambitions.

Women do very well in most of the previously all-male professions such as law and medicine. They are well established in journalism, real estate, business and financial management, the arts and sciences.

But the military?  The field gets narrower there, and we have a nation to defend. That's the one place most essential for women to either measure up or get out.

And this was not written by a man!

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