Gloria Steinem's Islamist NOW Chapter
By Debbie Schlussel

Gloria Steinem should expatriate to the world of radical Islam.

It's the best solution for America and for our enemies, judging from yet another ludicrous speech she delivered, Friday, in Palm Beach.

According to the Palm Beach Post, "Whether discussing pedophile priests, domestic violence or the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, Steinem found the inequality between men and women a big part of the problem."

But, regarding Sept. 11th, it wasn't the radical elements of the Muslim world that drew most of Steinem's ire. No. Instead, it was the way "we" raise our men.

"We need to raise our sons more like our daughters, with empathy, flexibility, patience and compassion," the Ms. Magazine founder told the Palm Beach County YWCA, urging the promotion of "[T]hese so-called feminine qualities . . . present in men. . . ."

Yup, that's the solution to terrorism against Americans-let's give our boys Barbies, pearls, and china patterns. Everyone knows that would have prevented attacks on the WTC. And created some real macho firemen and policemen to rescue the victims.

As the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto said, "What do you mean, 'we,' Gloria? Our enemies are the misogynistic ones. . . ."

While Steinem was busy attacking America's men and comparing our alleged "cult of masculinity" to Hitler's "strong, patriarchal, authoritative structure," she needed a reality check from feminist delusions--like seeing what happens where women are really oppressed: the world of radical Islam.

Here's some of what Ms. Steinem would face, while trying to set up her NOW chapter in Wahabbi-controlled Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Arab Middle East:

According to, on March 11th, Saudi Arabia's mutaween, religious police in Mecca, tried to keep girls inside a burning school because they did not wear hijabs (head scarves) and abayas (black roves) as required by the kingdom's interpretation of Islam. The police, part of the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, beat some of the girls, stopped others who tried to help them, and blocked the gates, resulting in 15 girls dead inside the blazing building.

Life in that world is so desperate for women that Bahraini Royal Princess Meriam Al-Khalifa recently fled a life of privilege and outrageous wealth for a life of low socio-economic status as the wife of U.S. Marine Jason Johnson.

Then, there's the Islamist feminism exported here to the U.S., courtesy of Princess Bunieh al Saud a/k/a "Princess Bonnie." The niece of the current Saudi King, and the daughter of the previous one, the 41-year-old al Saud's idea of feminism is throwing her Filipino slave-maid, Ismiyati Soryono, down the stairway of her Orlando townhouse in December. So much for Steinem's whining about the female pay-scale. Soryono was rarely paid her meager $200 monthly salary, was kept prisoner by al Saud, and regularly subject to her beatings.

Well, at least Steinem would be proud about one thing-a certain degree of gender equality in despicable, brutal treatment of human beings. According to ABC News, human rights groups (including Amnesty International) and the State Department have repeatedly cited Saudi Arabia as a place where foreign domestic workers, irrespective of gender, are enslaved and brutalized.

Of course, if Steinem were to head to the Israel, she could join the Palestinian Authority's newfound equality for women. Thank G-d (or Allah) for women's lib. Now, females, too, can be suicide bombers. Remember the glass ceiling supposedly keeping women from reaching the top, which Steinem and her crony-ettes are always whining about? In Yasser Arafat's world, women can explode their way through the glass ceiling-all the way to Allah. The only problem is there really isn't much prospect for career advancement after that. In heaven, you must be one of 72 virgins to be gainfully employed.

Yes, unlike our American "cult of masculinity," Steinem would encounter Arafat's own unique brand of feminism. According to Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch, the Palestinian Authority (PA), through its U.S. subsidized media outlets, like Palestinian Television (PATV), are encouraging women to become suicide bombers. In a video even MTV wouldn't run, a singer becomes a warrior in an army uniform, encouraging violence and singing of her desire to die as a suicide bombing martyr.

Unlike our "male-controlled" media, Al Hayat Al Jadida newspaper gives women high marks for on the job performance, praising female suicide bombers Wafa Idris and Abu Asiyah as "heroines." "These actions . . . attest to the Palestinian woman's capability to perform successful actions." Al-Ayyam newspaper promotes Idris as a "role model" for young Palestinian girls. So does Palestinian Authority honcho Zaad Abu Ayin, who claims Idris "represents the major role of the Palestinian woman in the national struggle." Ditto for Raviha Diyav of the Palestinian Women Union, who claims Idris illustrates "the determination and resolve of the Palestinian women to participate as full partners in the national struggle." This is the ultimate progression in Steinem-esque thinking.

Al-Ayyam's "The Women's Voice" column honors Idris and Palestinian women who blew up people in supermarkets and at Hebrew University. PATV broadcasts constantly honor female terrorist Dalal El Mughrabi, who in 1978 kidnapped and murdered Israeli bus passengers, as "she who is building Palestinian society." She frequently appears in PA newspaper crossword puzzles with the clue "Famous Palestinian Martyr."

Steinem wants to feminize our men. The PA is masculinizing their women. Both paths are deadly. Al Hayat praises a bride for demanding, "I do not want gold, or a diamond ring, or jewelry, but rather an M-16" with which to kill Jews.

Since Steinem thinks our "androcentric" society is the root of all evil, she should try her shtick in our Middle-Eastern nemeses' homelands.

Judging by their cavalier regard for female life, her turns at donning mini-skirts, a bunny costume for Playboy, and complete nudity at age 50 in a bathtub, would probably make a lasting impression in the Middle East. Immediately on her tombstone.

Debbie Schlussel is a political commentator and attorney. She is a frequent guest on ABC's "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" and Fox News Channel. Join her fan club or discussion group.

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