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By Dorothy Anne Seese



After checking the Constitution and amendments just to be sure, I don't find a provision for voting a state out of the Union.  If there had been one, I would have started a petition to vote Vermont off the island!

Senator Jim Jeffords (R-Vt) is about to defect, or so tonight's news sources report.  Of course, Jeffords is a RINO (Republican in name only) and my state has another one in Senator John McCain (R-Ariz).  They seem to be kindred souls, pouty, egotistical, self-seeking and wearing the wrong badge.

However, with a 50-50 senate, they did serve some purpose whether they voted with the Republicans or not.  The power balance, with Vice President Dick Cheney as the tiebreaker for any evenly-divided votes, has been with the Republicans.

If Jeffords defects to the Democrats, or even becomes an independent, that will make Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD) the Senate Majority Leader.  (You remember him, the guy with the muffler in his hand.)

It looks like the liberals couldn't wait until 2002 to fire their political cruise missiles at the Bush administration.  Of course, Vermont has the dubious distinction of being our first state to legalize "civil unions" between gay couples.

At the founding of this nation, Vermont may not have been a distinguished contributor to the founding fathers, but it certainly wasn't the traitorous disgrace of the colonies either.

If you wonder what's happening in this nation, or even care, it's this:  the socialist agenda is strongly on the move and intends to take this nation down, destroy the foundational documents and place a liberal judiciary in position to be the ruling junta.  The 10th Amendment, states' rights and all other traditional freedoms will be history, and revisionists will rewrite history to cover up what this nation was originally about.

Our institutions of higher learning are so liberals they could all be products of the Kremlin as it was under Gorbachev, or even Stalin.  All I need do is refer the readers to the recent mistreatment of Ann Coulter at Cornell, or President Bush at Yale.

Universities that were founded basically as theological institutions of higher learning are now the most godless, communistic brainwashing machines in America.  Young folks go to get an education and graduate as pawns of the liberal machine, apologizing for being Americans.

So another liberal defects, tossing the Senate into the waiting socialist grip of Tom Daschle who, along with Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-Mo) have eyes are on the presidential election year 2004.  Nice, very nice.  Such is today's definition of the "loyal opposition."  If the opposition had been this "loyal" in 1941 they would have apologized for Pearl Harbor and invited the Japanese Navy to take it over.

Why isn't America the patriotic nation it used to be?

As a nation, we have never been able to fight ideologies, just people.  There has to be a face attached to an enemy or Americans just can't grasp it.

Plus, big government has spoon fed so many for so long they're milk-babies, incapable of taking strong meat (and yes, that allusion did come from the Bible).

When I was young, Vermont was known for its maple syrup.  Would to God it were still that way, instead of being a sticky liberal mess.

See also:  Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Trent Lott has got to go

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2001, All rights reserved.

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