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Across the Atlantic - Trouble!

By Dorothy Anne Seese


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The European Union adored the globalism and cooperative spirit of former President Clinton because he acceded to their wishes for bringing the United States out of its constitutional framework and under the aegis of the EU/UN umbrella.

This is not true of President Bush.

First, Mr. Bush refused to cooperate with the environmentalist agenda epitomized in the Kyoto Treaty and nixed it.  That has earned him a barrage of verbal darts from various European nations, including the Tony Blair contingent in Great Britain.  Fortunately, former president Ronald Reagan had as an ally the iron lady, Margaret Thatcher.  Those days are over.

Second, Mr. Bush sees the United States as part of a cooperative trade association with other nations in the western hemisphere, not a military regiment, food bank or cash cow at the disposal of the EU.

Third, Mr. Bush opposes any subordination of the United States' sovereignty to the rule of other nations, individually or collectively, because such an unholy alliance would subvert the overriding purpose of the United States and undermine the authority of its constitution.

Unfortunately, Secretary of State Colin Powell seems to have the globalist view more than the national sovereignty view, which has presented the Bush administration with an embarrassment and our nation with grave disappointment.  The nation had high hopes for Colin Powell as a statesman, but apparently his ideologies are quite contrary to those of most conservatives.

The majority of average Americans view Europe as a tourist attraction, full of history, castles and quaint shops.  While it is indeed a tourist's dream in many instances, politically it has become a very large threat to the United States and its traditional post-World War II alliances with Western Europe.

To put it bluntly, Europe is highly socialistic and wishes to have the United States as part of the socialist cadre.  The European Union is not an attempt to create another United States, formed for the quest of individual freedom.  It is more a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire which, in the words of the philosopher Voltaire, was "neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire."  However, the new union threatens not only NATO and the traditional relationships we have had with European nations, but the status of Europe as an ally.

Western Europe now is far closer to the philosophies of Vladimir Putin than it is to the philosophy and programs of George W. Bush.

The angst on the part of the Europeans is exacerbated by the fact that they had so much going for their agenda from January of 1993 to January of 2001.

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That has changed.  The EU may wish Colin Powell were president but he is not.  As a lifetime career military man, he knows the meaning of authority, and he should know that his recent comments concerning Europe, Cuba and North Korea are antithetical to President Bush's vision for a conservative, constitutionally-governed America.  Secretary Powell needs to recall his Army days and ask himself whether he can accept his role in the chain of command, or whether he constitutes a part of the problems the new administration faces.  If he cannot accept President Bush's program, he should respectfully resign.

President Bush is rapidly learning that the world isn't Texas.  Northeastern, midwestern and west coast liberals aren't the same breed as Texas Democrats.

One by one, the Democrats in Congress who refuse his invitations to friendly "hands across the table" luncheons can be X'd off the list of prospective bipartisan allies and moved to the "adamant opposition" side of the book.

One by one, the nations of Europe that publicly criticize, scorn, defy and denigrate the United States for its desire to retain national sovereignty can be X'd off as allies and moved to the other side of the ledger as potential enemies.

The message to Europe, the EU, and the rest of the world is this:  we fly the United States flag, not that of the European Union or the United Nations!

It is because of the implacability of your socialist enemies, Mr. Bush, that as president of this nation you need to consolidate your conservative base and move ahead with your program for a strong America.  You cannot afford a road of appeasement, or a path of compromise.

Some national and international critics have said your attitude is "my way or the highway."  Congratulations.

Show them the highway!

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2001, All rights reserved.

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