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Justice still not rendered in full with death of McVeigh

By Dorothy Anne Seese


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On May 16, 2001, Timothy McVeigh will die by lethal injection in Terra Haute, Indiana, which is being embarrassed by legions of people who are coming to just be there and buy the new reality TV merchandise ... souvenir tee shirts and whatever else happens to be for sale.

The problem with McVeigh's death is not that he is undeserving, but that he did not operate alone.  He dies alone.

The further problem is that the execution is supposed to put a finality to the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy, but it leaves as many unanswered questions as the Waco disaster of April 19, 1993, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

This is not just opinion on my part.  I would like to refer the readers to Jon Dougherty's column in WorldNetDaily.

Mr. Dougherty is an experienced reporter, journalist and investigator.  I have read much of his work and find him very credible.  Further, his work only corroborates the reports issued several years ago by Chuck Missler of Koinonia House in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Mr. Missler is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, former CEO of Western Digital, a long-time Bible teacher and a computer expert with intelligence and governmental contacts and news sources in various places around the world.  Mr. Missler reported on the mysteries surrounding the crash of the plane that killed Ron Brown long before any other media source followed suit.

I believe Timothy McVeigh is to Oklahoma City what Lee Harvey Oswald was to the JFK assassination ... a pawn used in the overall scheme.  Lee Harvey Oswald died from a bullet wound inflicted by the late Jack Ruby.  Mr. McVeigh will die at the hands of the federal government, the very government that incinerated men, women and children at Waco (lest we forget Janet Reno's and Bill Clinton's trail of death and intimidation).

The convenient way for our government to bring "closure" to the grieving hearts and the outraged public is to create a scene of finality that will appease the public.

That doesn't mean that justice has been done.  Hanging one out of three killers is not justice, and shielding all the guilty by killing one is not justice.  It is partial justice but more than that, it is a form of pacifying the public, and that is a type of deceit if full justice is never rendered.

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The facts about Waco have brought into question the complicity of the federal government and the Department of Justice in particular.  The media has simply let it drop from public consciousness.

The Elian Gonzalez matter (and the famous photograph) are also forgotten, although in that pre-dawn raid no one was killed.  For that we can be grateful, but it doesn't mean that justice was done.

As to Oklahoma City, the article by Jon Dougherty links to another site well worth considering, in view of the fact that there are many unanswered questions about the truck involved, as well as the number of explosions.  (Most of us still believe there were at least two bullets fired in the JFK assassination.)

The execution of Timothy McVeigh may bring new reality, shock and exploitation to television if allowed to be used as a pay-per-view extravaganza of death.  It may make some bucks for the hawkers in Terra Haute.  It will end McVeigh's earthly existence.

But when all the facts aren't known, and many seem to be covered up, is McVeigh's execution justice, or governmental "closure" in the form of pacification of public outrage?

History will have to sit in judgment upon this nation's acts and deeds as to whether justice was rendered.  I do not believe it has been rendered in full.

Since God knows, I must leave the final judgment to Him.  That is the most certain judgment of all, one that too few fear these days.

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2001, All rights reserved.

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