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By Dorothy Anne Seese


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The liberal media was voraciously lusting after President Bush to make some sort of comment on China and the hostage situation while our troops were still there.  Presumably, they wanted the president either to grovel, so they could call him weak, or speak out and cause an incident that would endanger the lives of the 24 crew members and thus they could label him a dangerous hawk.

Dubya kept quiet and the media fumed.

Our diplomats worked out their release quietly, and after 24 American servicemen and women arrived safely in Hawaii, on American soil, President Bush held a news conference in the Rose Garden.

What he said was Texas tough but not rowdy.

He zeroed in on the fact that China says one thing and acts, in his words "inconsistently with" their purported aim of having friendlier relations and increased trade.

He mentioned China's abominable record on human rights and suppression of religious freedom.  The president was unequivocal in his carefully worded statement that our surveillance flights would continue.

Ann Compton and her colleagues at ABC called it an "in your face" speech that would make it very difficult for our diplomats to negotiate with the Chinese on April 18th regarding the return of the aircraft.  Annie, baby, it's even harder to negotiate with the damned liberal American media on fairness in reporting, so sure it will be difficult to negotiate with the Chinese on anything.  It will be particularly difficult since China is accustomed to having carte blanche to American property from Washington D.C. to Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Calm down, Ann, and get used to the fact that the White House has returned to business from the Disneyland (isn't DisneyCompany your boss?) of the Clinton era.

The Aries II plane has been on Hainan Island long enough for China to have obtained anything it wanted, and reports coming from the crew indicate that in the 28 minutes they had between collision and landing on Hainan, they were able to destroy all the super-sensitive data.  That alone is enough to enrage the Chinese, who will probably send the plane home in crates anyway.

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President George W. Bush cannot please the media.  One sign of weakness and he's a twit preppy son of a former president.  When he stands tough and tall, he's a hawk whose words hamper diplomatic efforts.  Right, Annie ... your old bud Clinton's kind of diplomatic efforts.

I heard the president speak on radio.  I am proud to have this man as our president and the leader of the free world.  It is refreshing to have a man in office who acts very nonchalantly and says very little while American lives are at stake.  Then, once they are safe, he tells China to shape up or we might ship them out ... out of the World Trade Organization bid, their bid for the Olympics and their trade status with the USA.

"W" said what he had to say, to the crew, to their families, to the nation, and to China.  Then with the Washington press corps screaming questions at him, he turned and walked away, to go to Texas for Easter vacation with his family.

That's a man!

Eat your heart out Annie.  Have a few drinks with your pals in the media.  Maybe Peter Jennings, Dan Rather the Democrat, Tom Brokaw, Sam "Spock" Donaldson and Cokie Roberts will join you in a big pity party over the lost fun of the Clinton days.

Is President Bush too much for the Washington press corps?  Well, some of them are still young enough to apply for honest jobs.  The others can probably afford to retire.

Maybe Vice-President Cheney has some pals who would like to buy a few liberal networks and get honest reporting back in America?

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2001, All rights reserved.

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