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Tough as Texas Rawhide
Dubya must be crazy...Like a Fox

By Dorothy Anne Seese


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Long before his first 100 days in office are up, President Bush has rattled the liberal media, which includes all three so-called major networks (ABC, CBS and NBC), into major anti-Bush spins on his person and attacks on his program.  It's obvious they miss the former Liberal-in-Chief and his policies of throwing America to her enemies.  And yes, China is an enemy.  A trading partner is not a friend because they are a trading partner.  Apparently the media cares not to make this distinction, any more than they care to spell the word "reconnaissance" in preference to labeling the downed American craft that is now being held on Hainan Island a "spy plane."

The media seemed delighted to travel with Dubya during his campaign.  First, he was hospitable and entertaining, an enjoyable person.  Second, and more importantly, the media felt they had not a single thing to fear from this English-mangling comic, because surely Al Gore was going to win.  So the Washington press corps was along for the ride, for the food and drinks, and for some entertainment.

Dubya, like a fox, made no effort whatsoever to fight back to defend his ability or his intelligence.  He had made his agenda clear, they didn't believe he could do it even if he managed to win (and they didn't believe he would be president) and now they're faced with a new administration that's as tough as Texas rawhide.  So what do they resort to?  Ridicule.  And how does President Bush respond?  By ignoring it.  That is called "class" ... something the past eight years has been missing and to which we've become unaccustomed now.  But it's class.

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Even the biggest liberal Democrat ever elected in Arizona, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz), who registered and ran on the Republican ticket, has attempted to shove much needed tax reform on the back burner of the congressional agenda to get his campaign finance reform package up front, and his buds in the liberal media have given him the space and the copy, the praise and the glory, because a conservative McCain is not.  He isn't even a war hero.  At best, he can be called a Nam survivor, a former POW, and the husband of an enormously wealthy brewery heiress.  McCain is vengeful, spiteful, arrogant, ill-tempered, at times irrational and venomously hateful toward President Bush.  McCain's liberal agenda is obvious, including the 60-day gag rule in the McCain-Feingold bill that must be ruled unconstitutional.  Whatever the outcome, the senator delights in the limelight, and even more if that limelight comes at the president's expense.  The media has given him his hour of glory. What a delightful asset to Arizona this senator has proved to be ... not!

President No. 43 knew precisely what kind of hostility he would be facing when elected.  He would have the disappointed Democrats, the RINO's (Republicans In Name Only), and the media against him.  He didn't come to Washington alone, however, he came with a pre-picked staff of adult, competent, mature people to do a job, not to play games with the media and the airheads.

Texans are noted for their ability to talk at great lengths and tell tall tales.  You have observed neither from President Bush.  Texans are fabled for their quick tempers and quick draw.  We have observed maximum self-control from Pres. W.  We see a businessman in office, with a team of executives running the various offices of the country, turning it back towards respectability and mature leadership.

That tells you the man is really crazy ...  LIKE A FOX!

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2001, All rights reserved.

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