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Dwight Patel

Dwight Patel is Director at the Coalition for a Tax-Free Internet and a partner in Jones-Patel Webworks. He has a degree in International Affairs from George Washington University (1993) and one in Architecture from the University of Maryland (1994). He is currently studying for his Masters in Information Technology at George Washington. He has also worked in the area of information technology at the American Legislative Exchange Council, Accuracy in Media, the Free Congress
Foundation, and NET, Political News Talk Television (now America’s Voice). 

Dwight has been active in politics since his days in high school, serving in various capacities in the Bush-Quayle Campaign of 1988, the Bill Shepherd gubernatorial campaign in Maryland in 1990, the Michelle Dyson 1992 congressional campaign in Maryland, and the 1998 Randall Terry congressional campaign in New York. He has also worked in state legislative races, and ran himself for the District 19 seat in Maryland in 1994.

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