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Why I Am A Hermit

By Ron Marr


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People ask why I'm a hermit; the answer is neither simple nor clear. The truth of the matter is that there are numerous reasons why I live in solitary fashion. The easiest explanation is that I simply enjoy the open spaces. Too many people in too small a pen leads to heartless anonymity, and heartless anonymity convinces more than a few members of our society that they may engage in all forms of destructive behavior with little fear of consequence.

In our large urban areas, for instance, residents are assailed with hourly updates on the latest murder, robbery, rape, assault or kidnapping. Their immunity to horrific news escalates until the only things that tweak their sensibilities are atrocities of a extraordinarily hideous nature. Reports of homicides, knifings, shootings or sexual assault do not result in so much as a raised eyebrow. If an offense is not massive and disgusting - something like a Jeffrey Dahmer buffet or an Oklahoma City bombing it is not deemed worthy of attention.

That's not the case in rural areas. We have yet to become desensitized. A murder would be the talk of the county before the victim was cold, with vociferous debates regarding guilt, innocence and punishment taking center stage.

There are other incentives that led me to adopt a hermit's existence. I like living in places where people are justifiably incensed by illegal acts and outrageous behavior. I like living in places where something as innocuous as back fence gossip is the most common infraction against persons or property. I like living in places so sparsely populated that I can keep my head beneath the radar, avoiding most of the fools, a majority of the bureaucrats and all who live by the laws of political correctness.

It's a fact. I view the pabulum spilling forth from the "elite" social centers of both the east and west coasts as beneath contempt. My idea of celebrating diversity lies in living with three different breeds of dogs. I laugh when I hear the NAACP scream their heads off because a Southern state still flies a Confederate flag. Ooooooh...what a burning issue. Concentrating on such minutiae is a sure way to end hunger, improve literacy, curtail drug addiction, encourage education and create jobs. If African American "leaders" such as Sharpton and Jackson truly cared about their people, they would be working to achieve the aforementioned noble goals, rather than fanning the flames of hatred with the Stars and Bars. Attacking a proud symbol of Southern heritage is a wholesale distraction on their part, a diversion which allows them to be falsely perceived as stout-hearted and valorous while they line their own pockets.

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I snicker at the media presence afforded the homosexual lobby - estimated by the latest scientific studies to comprise not more than two or three percent of the population. This tiny group is graced with a ridiculously high profile by the gay-crazy networks, with their message being that gross-out lifestyle choices should be embraced by all Americans as normal and healthy. Hogwash. The predominantly gay AIDS epidemic exemplified the health benefits of homosexual behavior, and contrary to secular humanistic belief, "normal" is not a relative concept. Ideals such as right and wrong, good and evil, normal and abnormal are blatantly apparent and easily defined. All that is required to identify them is half a brain, an ounce of common sense and the thimble-full of audacity requisite to stepping up to the plate and speaking the truth.

Unfortunately, most folks would rather pull the curtains and keep silent least they become the focus of angry words or deeds. They prefer to live as lambs rather than lions, but demand the respect due only to those possessing the guts and sense of duty to step out on the limb and upbraid that which is dishonorable.

There are many reasons I live in the boonies with a pack of pups; some of them are personal matters having to do with a love of nature and the sense of peace that arrives with blessed solitude. However, disappointment and disillusionment with our society would also figure heavily on the list. That anyone could hear such phrases as gun control, hate crime laws, roadless initiatives, same-sex unions or sensitivity training without becoming nauseated and outraged - let alone stand silently by while such abominations are legitimized by executive fiat and activist jurists - is beyond my comprehension. That Americans allow the government to strip them of their civil rights, that they abrogate their individualism in exchange for table scraps and false promises, is a sign of our headlong rush towards apathy and voluntary subjugation.. It appears to me that our culture - as defined by government and media - is beyond repair. Our traditional birthright of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as intended by the wise men who wrote the Constitution - lies shredded and tattered.

Individuals built this country, and only individuals can restore it. They could, you know, but it will never happen if they don't first exhume their lost courage, tenacity and perseverance.

When people refuse to speak for themselves, their enemies speak for them.

Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

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