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By Ron Marr



    The liberals in Congress - those who believe they know better how to spend your money than you do - have devised a new strategy. While they are repulsed by the idea of allowing citizens to keep more of their own paychecks, they also realize  that failure to acknowledge the desires of the majority of Americans could lead to a loss of Congressional seats in 2002.

    Thus, although Democrats are gritting their teeth and grudgingly supporting the "concept" of a tax cut, they are doing so in the partisan manner which the claim to abhor. Rather than debating the pros and cons of lower taxes, the liberal cadre of Washington has decided to focus on what it claims are the root causes of economic downturn.  They seek to institute class warfare, pitting those who don't pay taxes against those who do.  Their goal is to increase their political currency by spreading lies and half-truths about those who spearheaded the proposed cuts in the first place.

    Democrats, in their infinite hypocritical malfeasance, crave a continuation of the methodology which was a hallmark of the past eight years.  You stand tall, you look straight into the camera and you lie like a dog while blaming everyone but yourself. 

    In short, the Democratic leadership has become a full-fledged proselytizer  of "Shoot The Messenger" theology.

    The most vocal cheerleader for this odious school of non-thought is South Dakota's Tom Daschle.  The Senator is now shouting from the rooftops that our pecuniary malaise can be laid at the feet of George W Bush. Daschle asserts (now stay with me's confusing) that President Bush caused our approaching recession by suggesting we might be approaching a recession.  This is a little like claiming John Kennedy caused racism by discussing civil rights, or that FDR was responsible for World War II because he approved the invasion of Normandy.

    It gets worse.  A couple weeks back I happened to catch Daschle on TV. He had his usual graphs and visual aids, and was claiming a correlation between Bush's  fiscal comments and market declines. He said Bush's interpretations appeared to have been a major factor in causing the slump. They eroded public confidence, Daschle told us, and created a sort of self fulfilling prophecy.

    How scientific.  I have my own graphs, and they indicate Daschle missed a number of other factors which appear to be synergistic with America's financial woes.

    For example, over the past winter my dogs have been shedding quite heavily.  I noticed that, during the exact same period, stock prices went down.  Thus, if we follow Senator Daschle's logic, the fall of the Nasdaq can be blamed on my dogs' propensity to go bald.  Also, I realized the other day I haven't barbecued any ribs since December. In the period between December and now, the Dow has plummeted.  Obviously, if we follow Senator Daschle's logic,  the atrophy of the Dow is all my fault because I didn't provide the public with succulent pork ribs slow-smoked for a minimum of five hours over lightning struck Ozark hickory. If I hadn't closed my BBQ joint for the winter (The Pony Bar-B-Q, located in downtown Pony, Montana) we'd all be fat and happy. Lucky for America I re-open May 9th.

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Oh yes. To add hypocrisy to lunacy, Daschle failed to mention the observations uttered by his good buddy Dick Gephart last January on the Today show. Gephart spoke of a "looming recession."  If Daschle truly believes that  Wall Street's sluggish pace is a result of the President's statements, why isn't he crediting Dick's pronouncements as well? Doesn't he like him anymore?

    Our monetary stumbles can be traced to a number of factors, all of which began over a year ago, long before George Bush was elected.  We began experiencing a shock wave from collapsing Asian markets, and the bubble that was the "dot com revolution" burst when investors discovered many "dot com" companies had no assets or potential for revenue. The government filed a pointless suit against Microsoft, one of the few tech companies that is highly profitable, thus destroying public confidence in tech stocks generally and precipitating a market crash. An energy crisis was bearing down upon us, thanks largely to the previous administration's successful efforts to stifle exploration and production in exchange for the votes of the environmental lobby.

    I can go on,...but I won't.  Many factors led to our current situation, but President Bush's admirable desire to publicly identify problems and seek their solutions  is not one of them.

    Daschle and his supporters would hang President Bush for telling the truth. They would blame him for a sour economy brought on by routine domestic cycles, international events and the intellectual sloth, self deception and managerial apathy of his predecessor. Apparently Daschle believes that if you close your eyes and click your ruby slippers three times all the bad things will go away.

    Do you think Daschle REALLY feels that a problem doesn't exist until someone identifies it? If so, I'm very glad he's not my physician. 

    "Dr. Daschle," says the nurse. "The patient is dead!"

    "Keep it to yourself," replies the caring healer. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

Ron Marr is an award winning newspaper and internet columnist, not to mention the celebrated Pitmaster of the Pony Bar-B-Q, Pony, Montana. To subscribe to Ron's  FREE weekly e-mail newsletter - loaded with news,views, snooze, blatant self promotion and BBQ tips - just write to Ask for his Marr-Mail Alert.

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